Common Basic Tips for Creating a Cozy Bedroom

Creating a Cozy Bedroom

Creating a Cozy Bedroom

We all know a bedroom should be a sanctuary, but creating a space that’s truly your own can be easier said than done. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way! With just a few additions and adjustments, your bedroom can be transformed into a haven (and it can be done in just one weekend or less!)

Below are our top five tips for creating a cozy bedroom you’ll love to live in.

Tip 1: Use plush bedding.

When aiming for a cozy vibe, you should start with the big elephant in the room – your bed. But before you decide to completely replace the one you have, all you really need to do is update your bedding for something that’s a little more plush and inviting.

Bedding is an important part of any bedroom that not only catches the eye but also helps set the tone in the room. Selecting plush and luxurious bedding will set a good base to build upon without making a major overhaul.

It’s also important to note: since you will be using your bedding every night, don’t shy away from splurging on your purchase! It should be a dream to lay in and look at. If you need some inspiration for stylish, plush bedding, you can get a closer look at our Phoenix Dreams Bedding here.

Tip 2: Throw a soft, textured rug into the mix.

Prismatic Rug

If you’ve ever entered a room with an impressive rug, you already know the impact it can have! Rugs really have the ability to change the feel of a bedroom (even when it has wall-to-wall carpet). To make your bedroom cozy, add a rug with texture and a soft feel. This will add depth to your room while offering some extra comfort. Whether it’s shaggy or patterned, selecting a rug like this will provide a cushy look for your bedroom.

Before you go rug shopping, remember to take photos and measurements of your bedroom so you can have something to refer to and to be confident in your selection. If you’ve never been shopping for rugs before, here’s our handy guide for ensuring that you select a high-quality rug.

Tip 3: Create a relaxing reading nook.

Adding a reading nook to your bedroom is a great way to achieve some wanted coziness. A reading nook gives your bedroom a sense of calm and tranquility and creates a special space just for you. Now, a reading nook is more than just a chair in the corner of your room. Invest in a comfy chair or recliner that motivates you to want to sit in it. Once you find your perfect chair, add a throw blanket, pillow, and lamp! Whether you’re browsing your phone or actually reading a book in this corner, create a space that’ll be calling your name as soon as you get home.

Our Modern Coco Recliner is an excellent choice for a bedroom reading nook since it’s a bit smaller than a typical recliner (and will, therefore, take up less room). You can find more details about this recliner here.

Tip 4: Use warm, soft lighting.

A hallmark of any cozy space is low lighting, usually created by fireplaces or candles. Since most people don’t have a fireplace in their bedroom (although, it’s a major trend rising in popularity) adding an arrangement of candles on a dresser, console, or end table is a fabulous way to add a more easeful, intimate feel to your bedroom.

When adding home accessories like candles, photo frames, lamps, and other elements, be sure to keep basic interior design principles in mind!

Tip 5: Hang dreamy, floor-length drapes.

5 Simple Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

Another important element in any cozy bedroom is the curtain styling and selection. Most of us think of dreamy, wispy white drapes when imagining a perfect, comfy room. But you can create the same effect with heavier curtains, too – it all depends on how you style them. HGTV has a great guide for hanging window treatments here.

No matter how you decide to treat your windows, selecting curtains with high-quality fabric and then styling them appropriately so that they appear lush and billowy is what really makes the difference. Plus, hanging a few curtains is much easier than you think!

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