How Commercial Energy Audits Save You Money

Operating your commercial HVAC system is about more than just maintaining a comfortable temperature-it’s also about keeping operating costs down. Are you utilizing every available resource to improve efficiency?

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Commercial Energy Audits Identify Wasteful Practices

The first step is to pinpoint sources of energy waste. An energy audit provides a room-by-room, inside and outside look at your business’s current energy consumption. Things such as air leaks, wasteful lighting, meandering air ducts, unnecessary heating and cooling, and inefficient equipment operation can add up to substantial energy waste. Once you know where your operating costs come from, you can begin to correct any wasteful practices.

Install Sustainable Products

Energy conservation is the key to improving environmental responsibility and lowering operating costs. Sustainable products that may help your business save money include:

  • LED lighting with timers or motion sensors
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • High-performance windows and doors
  • Building and ductwork insulation
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Efficient HVAC systems

Identify Opportunities for Equipment Optimizations & Retrofits

Replacing aging commercial HVAC equipment can be a substantial investment. You may hesitate to invest the required amount when the system is still operational, even if the upgrade promises to deliver more efficient performance.

That’s where retrofitting comes into play. By replacing certain components, but not the entire system, you can optimize efficiency with a much lower upfront investment. You can also use low-cost retrofits to address changes in heating or cooling needs or even switch fuel sources without a complete system replacement.

Fabricate Custom Ductwork for Your Commercial Property

Poor ductwork design prevents your HVAC equipment from performing up to its potential. A commercial energy audit not only uncovers issues of leaky, uninsulated ductwork—it even reveals if the sheet metal itself is engineered for efficiency.

If a pre-fab system was installed haphazardly during your building’s construction phase, you may be wasting energy and not even know it. Murphy & Miller can fabricate custom ductwork for your building in our state-of-the-art, 13,000-square-foot production facility. We use sophisticated computer software and advanced plasma cutters to deliver precise, custom products that are sure to improve heating and cooling efficiency.

Qualify for Utility Rebates

Your building’s improved energy efficiency could make you eligible for rebates from your utility company. Participating energy providers in the Chicago area include ComEd, Nicor, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas, and DCEO.

Install HVAC Energy Management Systems

Adding direct digital controls (DDC) to your commercial building introduces a useful form of automation. This upgrade allows you to control, measure, and verify your energy savings after making various improvements to the system. It’s incredibly satisfying to see your investments start paying for themselves! DDC systems can also monitor maintenance requirements, set HVAC and lighting schedules, and alert you of problems with your security or life safety systems.

Schedule a Commercial Energy Audit

With energy-saving services, you can stop fretting about operating costs and focus on running your business. Our experience dates back to 1936, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about what we do. A commercial energy audit from our experienced team is sure to pay tremendous dividends, not to mention ensure the comfort of your guests and the productivity of your employees.

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