Color Palette For Kitchens: How To Make The Right Choice


Pablo Picasso once asked why two colors placed next to each other tend to sing. Truly, colors are magical and with the right combination, they can evoke deep feelings in man.

If you are considering the colors that you would use in your kitchen, here are some ideas that might help –

Pick the Perfect Kitchen Scheme First

It is important to choose the correct color schemes that will be used inside a kitchen. This is one of the most visited places inside a home so it is important to think of the moods that should be felt in there.

The theme can only be made concrete as soon as the size of the kitchen is established. With a small kitchen, be sure to paint the walls with a light color. Light gray, white, yellow or blue are just some of the basic shades that can work inside the kitchen. These colors can open up the kitchen space. Also, to add more space, you should also use plenty of lighting. If you want to let in more sunlight, then be sure to install extra windows or to add more artificial lighting fixtures.

Be sure to reduce the clutter in smaller kitchen with long and neat lines. For bigger ones, use dark paint such as browns, purple or shades of maroon.

The Kitchen Color Depends on the Layout

Long kitchens should not be painted with dark colors. White and other light colors are the safest options for this type of kitchen. Rectangular-shaped tables are best for this type of kitchen.

Square kitchens can have the unique accent wall by painting one wall with a dark shade and the rest with a light paint. This should draw the attention of the visitors. Also, the colors will make the kitchen appear bigger while showcasing a unique design at the same time. The most appropriate dining table for this kitchen shape is the square or round-shaped table.

In buying the kitchen cabinets, be sure to measure the dimensions first. Be sure to distribute the kitchen appliances in a manner where the space seems occupied but never cluttered.

Work Well Within Your Budget

If you have set a tight budget for your kitchen renovation, be sure to choose contemporary kitchen colors. Find affordable kitchen furniture and paint color that are suitable for your budget. Do not be tempted into buying a lot of ornaments for the kitchen. A vase or two and a few decent lights should be enough accents for the entire kitchen.

If you have more budget to spend, find a color scheme that is more classic such as Country, Italian or Tuscan.  

Different Colors Evoke Different Emotions

By now, you already know that different color schemes can evoke many different moods. Be sure to paint your kitchen with positive colors. Try visualizing the kitchen once you have it painted in your chosen colors. This should give you an idea on what colors to choose from.

For a calming effect, use shades of gray, white, off-white or shades of blue. For a cheerful kitchen atmosphere, use sunshine yellow and other bold paint colors such as light cherry, green or aqua blue.

Consider the Main Function of the Kitchen

Remember that the kitchen is where the food is cooked each day, hence, there is no need to be excessive in that room. But if the kitchen doubles as a dining room, then you have to consider adding a dining table and chairs with colors that balance the rest of the room’s theme. Use stencil art on the walls for a more unique look. To protect the walls from stains, use dark colors such as maroon, brown, or dark blue.

There can be many color schemes for a kitchen; find the one that is closest to your personality.

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