Color and Design Trends for the Year of the Wooden Horse (2021)

Color and Design Trends

Color and Design Trends

Color trends are now emerging as the year gloriously begins. Referred to as color opportunities in palette cards, the PPG Pittsburgh Paints have come up with the trendiest colors for the year. These colors can be effectively used in designing any space. With these, you can now choose the most effective paint colors, flooring, fabric and window treatment hues.

Here’s PPG’s palettes for this year –

The Humility of Everyday Hero

The Everyday Hero palette exemplifies simplicity, modesty and integrity. This shows a faded look with a more laid back spirit. There are also vibrant shades to choose from which can easily add vigor, interest and optimism right into any room. Denim blues, for instance, evokes feelings of having a laid back lifestyle. Earthy terracotta, on the other hand spurs an interest in anything handmade.

The Brightness in Artful Expression

This special palette features the saturated, bright colors which represent the spectrum in full – from lean greens and blues to reds and purples and Caribbean hues. Sunny shades such as yellows and warm hues like melon and spice suggest openness and a brand new life.

The Contrasts in Elusion

This palette is all about contrasts where delicate pinks can meet with darkened reds. Pink, as you know, suggests femininity, tenderness and vulnerability while the powerful red and purple colors evoke mystery, drama and force.

The Cautiousness in Discreet Luxury

This palette is perfect for those who are a bit cautious about their choice of home or commercial space colors. If you love the shades of brown, deep red, faded black, and warm, metallic colors; then you are sure to embrace this particular palette.

Do not think that this palette is boring because it exudes elegance and warmth to the highest degree.

The Seriousness of Modern Is Tech

This palette makes use of a lot of blacks, whites and grays. These hues convey sophistication, neutrality, and sometimes, sterility. If you want to convey grounded humanity in your home, then this is the palette that you should choose.

Other Trendy Hues

Here are some of the equally hot color trends for 2021 –

  • Ikat prints are those patterns that you see on most kitchen towels. Why not splash the walls with these unique designs?
  • Go all-white in the heart of your home. This is no longer the control freak look since all-white kitchens have been stylized to appear clean, calm and when combined with stainless steel – even chic!
  • What about the Belgian look? This can be achieved as you line up your home with neutral-colored linens, repros and other catalog-type design elements. If you can imagine a hotel lobby in your living room, then you have just achieved this style right inside your home.
  • Stuffed games and other woodland creatures are also hot this year. If the very idea of staring into an owl’s eyes scares you, then have something alive brought into your home such as a pot of fiddle-leaf fig tree.
  • Go Macramé and bring back the drama of the ‘70s. Add a little body and texture to your walls by having them sculpted into intricate patterns. Replace those boring wallpapers or hefty fine art with this interesting design.
  • This next tip may not be embraced by everyone but it is a beauty, nevertheless. Corduroy upholstery is your casual alternative to chenille and velvet. Purple corduroy, for example, can look hip inside any room while rendering unequalled elegance.
  • Say goodbye to heavy drapes. This year is all about natural light and transparency. Sheers are no longer just for your Grandma’s windows. Newer designs in linen look rich. To achieve a masculine look, dress up sheer panels with those inverted box pleats.
  • Nudge gray out of the interior design picture. This year’s palette is Deco-inspired so go big on your amethyst, rose quartz, olive, topaz, raisin and whiskey color choices. A lot of interior designers are expressing their fondness for acid yellow so you go ahead and follow their liking.
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