Though dorm rooms are often small, these can be designed in such a way that you can still fully express yourself. Through the careful installation of hidden storage spaces, the maximization of floor space and the use of multi-functional furniture; you can make the most out of the limited space that is offered in a dormitory.

Dorm Design Tips for Females

  • Since dorms are considered as homes away from home, then you need to design it in such a way that is will look more than just a place to sleep in. Unleash your creative side by coming up with ideas that are uniquely yours.

First, what sort of look are you trying to achieve? Would you want the room to be warm, cozy, or bright? Would you like to go down the modernistic approach or a traditional one? Design ideas do not always come as inspiration so you can also read magazines and search for ideas online.

If your chosen color scheme does not seem to work, then, by all means, alter it. You just need to have more confidence in your taste. After all, this is going to be your home for quite a while so you must set your own rules.

  • Assess the dorm space just as you would any other living space. Consider how much space you are going to work with. Consider also the needs that you will have for this pace. In many cases, dorm rooms are a combined living room, bedroom, and a recreation area. If you also want to incorporate an office in your dorm then you are free to do so.
  • If you are sharing the space with roommate, then it is also important to consider his likes and dislikes. Just put yourself in her shoes, would you want to look at a glaring wall of red all year round if you are the serene type of person? In essence, you also need to find a design middle ground.
  • Let the room exude you. As the primary rule would dictate, express yourself; and what better ways is there to do this than to display your favorite posters, artwork, and other personal items. To avoid using nails, find lightweight art pieces which can easily adhere or be hung to the walls.
  • Even old accessories can be used to make a unique décor – slip covers, throw pillows and repainted furniture can make a whole world of difference. The bed is often the focal point in a dorm room so use beddings that are eye-catching.
  • Be sure to set up a study area where you can spend time reading your college textbooks. Purchase a corkboard or a whiteboard just behind your desk where you can also display art works, your social calendar, and notes.
  • Organize the room by adding a compact filing cabinet. Make it a point to keep your desktop area neat and clean.
  • Find out whether you would just need to rearrange the existing layout or if you really need to give the dorm room a facelift. With this, you can already set your budget and be able to shop for the things that you need. To give the room a different look without spending much, see if you can just buy lamps, a rug or curtains. Sometimes, a simple act such as changing the bed sheet makes a huge difference.

Never – ever – design your dorm room if you are going through an emotional crisis. This has a tendency to reflect on your interior design so spend a little more time cooling down first. Get some fresh air and then when your head is clear, that’s the time you de-clutter.

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