Classic Interior Design Means Never Going Out of Style

Classic Interior Design

Classic Interior Design

If you are dreaming of an elegant and traditional feel in your home, consider having classic interior design. This kind of design is associated with 18th century styles which means, you have to concentrate in scouring the market for Chippendale, Queen Anne, French provincial and Neoclassical pieces. Many living rooms and dining areas make use of this style; you can find rectangular dining tables complete with side chairs as well as china cabinets.

Tables, shelves and wardrobes made of wood must be bought for your home. It is time to say goodbye to metal furniture since classic interior design calls for upholstered sofas, wooden-framed beds and antique mirrors.

But even before you make your furniture choice, it is important to prepare the setting where these pieces will be placed. This is like prepping the canvas for the masterpiece that is about to be painted.

The Right Kind of Paint

Classic interior design color palette consists of teak, light yellow or off-white. These are the best colors that can bring about the grandeur of a room. And since you will be buying furniture that is laden with carvings, lavish fabrics and gold linings; the colors of the walls and flooring will make the furniture pop out even more.

Warm Lighting

Instead of using bright white lighting, it is wise to opt for yellow lighting under the classic interior design style. Yellow lighting elicits warmth and coziness which is most important in a room that you want to look classical.

For the walls, use electric or candle to achieve a classic look. You may also use buffet lamps or candlesticks on your serving pieces. Such can evoke a romantic atmosphere in your dining area.   

Old chandeliers will also look great in this kind of setting. Use them in your living and dining rooms. Take note that you adjust the size of the chandelier according to the size of the room. You would not want a huge chandelier touching the heads of your visitors all because you hung it in a room with low ceiling!

There are now a lot of budget chandeliers from garage sales and flea markets.

Huge Windows

Classic interior design also means having large windows in your home. This is an important characteristic of classic homes. Large windows allow more fresh air and natural lighting to come in. With these, you can save on electricity since there is no need to turn on lamps during the day.

Also, remember that there is nothing grand about small windows so better create huge windows for your classic interiors. Along with these large windows, you must use heavy draperies for covering. Use the ones that come with gold lining. If you want to be more trendy, you can match the drapery patterns with the ones on your sofa.

Floors With Traditional Accents

Another thing that you need to consider is your flooring. To give it a classical touch, you can choose wood or marble. You can also use rugs to soften such floors. For the dining area, it is best to use a rug under the table. For the rug patterns, consider Kirman, Tabriz, French Aubussons and Orientals.

The cornice moldings can be in cream, black or glossy white.

That Kitchen Island

From the living room and dining areas, your next stop is the kitchen which is the heart of your home. As cliché as this may sound, the kitchen must be given emphasis since it is one of the major rooms in your home.

Place a wooden kitchen island to bring in a feeling of antiquity. Add ornaments and utensils that are made of bronze. Find pots and candlesticks to complete the classical design in this part of your habitat.

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