Choosing the Electrical Contractor: Why It’s Not Wise to Rely on the Eenie Meenie Miny Moe Strategy


There are but a few tasks that you can do on your own. At some point, you will need the aid of an expert, especially when dealing with critical projects such as wiring systems. Hiring a professional electrical contractor is important and is much like the need to visit a specialist when something is up with your health. Talking to an expert means you do not waste your time and resources.

The Benefits of Trusting a Licensed Electrical Contractor

  • Of course, not all projects in your home can be categorized as DIY work. Going into something that is not your domain will only end up in a mediocre job or an accident. For instance, your electrical oven goes kaput; so your next step is to watch a YouTube video and pretty soon you think that you have sufficient information to do the repair on your own. Unfortunately, the make of the demonstrator’s oven is different from yours so you end up destroying the appliance, or worse, you get injured.
  • An expert’s quality of work is always superior in standard as opposed to the average work presented by non-professionals. Without a licensed electrician’s help, you could end up facing the same repair issues week after week. Eventually, the appliances that you repaired on your own get broken – no surprise there, right?
  • Seeking expert help also means a one-time expense, is a work that is backed by warranty and peace of mind. You save a lot of time, money as you also do not compromise your family’s security. Recurring electrical problems can be stressful so steer clear of anxiety from the onset.
  • An electrical contractor is a licensed professional that is qualified by the law to do electrical work. Legislative requirements are set for these experts to follow so this means that their technical standards are always at par with what is required.
  • Since most electrical contractors would want to gain your trust, they will do all they can to provide excellence with their service. A satisfied customer can become a loyal customer, plus, a happy customer can even tell her friends and relatives about her pleasant experience.

Now you know the benefits of hiring an expert, it’s time to follow some tips in finding that expert –

Identify Your Electrical Issue

Before you even begin to get in touch with electrical contractors, try to find out the cause of your electrical concern. Do you need wiring repairs? Are you constructing a new home and now need to install wiring systems? Or do you have a pressing electrical emergency at hand?

As soon as you have defined your problem, then you can begin calling for help. Describe what needs to be done or, at least, what you think needs to be repaired or installed.

Assess the Contractor’s Skills

The best way to do this is to ask around – do you have relatives and friends who have existing contacts with an electrical contractor? They can offer reliable information as well as testimonials regarding particular electrical contractors.

Apart from your relatives, you can also read online testimonials. Check the contractor’s professional profile. Did he finish an electrical training course? How about continuing education? Is he NEC-compliant?

See if you can contact his previous clients. They are the best people that can provide first-hand experience with an electrical contractor.

Lastly, ask about his license, insurance and warranty then have him place it into writing. Will the contractor guarantee a job with superior standard? Is he willing to correct the job if in case you deem it to be substandard? If he answers yes to these questions, ask him to give you a written estimate then go ahead and sign that contract!

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