Should You Choose Surgery or Non-Surgical Injections from Angel Gloss Clinic?


We all start noticing tiny lines around our eyes and mouth that some people call “Laugh Lines” but some people do not think it is anything to laugh about. It is hard to see the changes in your face when you feel there is nothing you can do to stop or control it. Maybe you do not want to have surgery or it is too expensive. And who wants to pay a bunch of money to get all that painful work done? Instead you can just visit us at Angel Gloss Clinic in Toronto and we will get you all fixed up without going under the knife. As a matter of fact, we have several choices that can help you achieve the look you want.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

The first thing you may think you should try is Botox injections, but if you want to do more than just get rid of some wrinkles then dermal filler injections would work out perfectly for you. Dermal, or soft tissue, fillers are different because we inject them into the wrinkle in your face to fill out that area so there is no line anymore. Botox actually relaxes the muscles and does not have anything to do with filling the wrinkled area. Some of our patients at Angel Gloss opt to use both treatments, which work very well together. There are two different dermal fillers we use here at Angel Gloss, they are sugar gels and bio-stimulatory fillers.

Sugar Gels and Bio-Stimulatory Gels

A sugar gel is actually called hyaluronic acid gel and it is the number one choice by professionals in this field. The sugar gel is injected into each wrinkled area and fills the lines in by absorbing the face’s normal soft tissue fluids and expanding. A bio-stimulatory gel is a polymer that incites a small reaction when injected that causes the creation of collagen. This collagen expands to fill the wrinkled area. Both of these types of gels are natural and your body will accept them as just another part of your body. Our cosmetician at Angel Gloss Cosmetic Centre in the greater Toronto area will be happy to sit down and meet with you and give you more information.

Does It Hurt?

Before we start the injections we clean your face and then numb it with a special cream that will prevent any pain that may be felt during the injections. After that, the filler is injected into your skin which causes very little pain or discomfort, but you may be sore in that spot for a day or two.

How Long Does It Last?

These sessions are not going to last forever. You will have to come back to the Angel Gloss Clinic about two times per year. But, it is much more natural looking than getting surgery. We will not be happy until you are happy. So give us a call at (647) 728-2400.

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