China Cabinet Types And Their Uses

China cabinet types

China cabinet types

China cabinets are those tall furniture pieces that are used in storing the most beautiful dinnerware. These are formal pieces that have been crafted from the finest woods and are displayed in dining rooms together with equally beautiful chairs and table. There are different China cabinet types and they usually come with two parts – the hutches and the door cabinets.

Hutches comprise of shelves as well as glass panels right on the cabinet doors. The lower portion of the China cabinet is made of solid door cabinets complete with drawers that can hold table linens and silverware.

Such cabinets are highly useful because they can keep the dishware from being damaged. These dishes can be stacked with care upon the shelves or they can be placed beautifully on plate stands. Plate stands can hold the plates on an upright position so that they can be viewed through the China cabinet’s glass fronts. There are China cabinets that are packaged together with other dining room furniture and there are also those that can be bought individually.

The shelves in China cabinets can be made of glass or wood. A glass shelf can offer the illusion of beautiful, floating plates. Wooden shelves, on the other hand, can also be lined with mirrored segments.

Mahogany and other dark dining room cabinets do look striking when set against a light-colored background. Dark cherry is quite popular these days and the beauty of this type of wood is that it gets darker as it ages.

Light cherry China cabinets are also available which are most suitable for the less formal or contemporary homes. Oak is yet another one of the China cabinet types. While oak, light cherry and mahogany are all popular materials for wooden cabinets, pine on the other hand is not. It is a soft wood that can get scratched and dented so easily.

Modern designs on dining cabinets can be created with glass cubes inside a metal frame for a more industrial look. Generally, though, China cabinets are made of wood because such a material is not just beautiful but also sturdy. These cabinets have been so-named because of the type of dishware that they store.

Good China was a term that was once used for any special occasion dish. Of course, these were only used during special holidays like birthdays, other anniversaries and family gatherings.

A lot of people these days still use only their special dishware during certain occasions. Corner type China cabinets are perfect for not so spacious homes. Since they can be angled effectively on two walls, these cabinets are great space savers. This is also a charming way to display your family’s old photographs and other collectibles.

Teak cabinets also come in different frameworks – from TV cabinets, regular China cabinets, corner cabinets, even teak filing cabinets.

If you use two armoires you could also have a buffet table rather than the usual, tall China cabinet. This is a good way to balance the room’s height though different combinations can also be achieved.

Other Uses for China Cabinets

  • Black and white photos in different sizes of frames
  • Any collection that you have long valued
  • Books (classic books are most preferable)
  • Videos and CDs
  • Old vinyl records or cassette tapes
  • Framed artworks with similar themes
  • Towels, spa items or guest soaps

You can do these or you can just choose to mix up. Every shelf can be used for some kind of theme. Go ahead and be creative, put your style into good use. Look through the different China cabinet types and find out which one suits your taste the most.

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