Ceiling Designs That Dazzle

Ceiling Designs
Ceiling Designs
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Most ceilings were built flat and they, somehow, mirror the floor’s shape but there are a few creations out there that are domed, sloped, or have exposed interior beams. Such elements should be seriously worked with and incorporated into the overall ceiling design. Covering these can make the ceiling stand out or it can make it into an eyesore.

Ceiling Illusions?

Creating illusions up there can enhance a room and cover up flaws. For lower ceilings, a little creativity can bring about the illusion of a higher ceiling. Higher ceilings, on the other hand, can be made to come down.

Typically, the ceiling’s height must be proportional to the size of the room but this is not always achieved. Unique designs on ceilings can help alter the atmosphere and personality of the room. Through them, your home can either be homey, chic or downright bland.

If you are thinking that achieving the perfect design for your ceiling is merely a paint job, well, you are wrong. During the earliest architectural periods, the cornices, ceiling rose and timber moldings were quite popular. All these are now making a huge comeback. People that live in contemporary homes with a minimalist approach now want to add a bit of personality to their ceilings.

Though a lot of ceiling pieces are manufactured from timber moldings, contemporary ceiling rose is now mostly polyurethane which is the leading alternative to plaster moldings. Polyurethane is less messy, a lot more affordable, and is lighter. You can achieve an intricate feature in a light piece that you can install all on your own.

The ceiling cornice comes in many different types of hardwood. You get the best when you are willing to allot a hefty amount. If your budget is not that huge, then you can choose staining or painting.

Tasmanian oak is a good choice if you want a cornice stained. This is so you can pull off a rich look. Radiata pine can also be stained.

Panel molds on ceilings and walls can help transform the atmosphere in any room. Dado and chair rails were once functional but they are now used as adornments to match the ceiling.

There are also wall and ceiling moldings with regular themes and profiles such as Edwardian and Victorian. How you actually use these greatly varies depending on the room’s dimensions.

One not-so-popular option is to wallpaper the ceiling.

Other Options for Beautiful Ceilings

Suspended tiles: These are one of the most popular options in the market these days. As the name suggests, they are suspended from the ceiling and are made of tin or any other materials that do not stick to the ceiling. Such high-end tiles offer a nice appeal to any room.

Gyprock: This is yet another spectacular material for ceilings. It is a plasterboard product used on walls and ceilings. Created from gypsum, paper and additives; it is a non-toxic, sedimentary rock that can be used to beautify ceilings.

Earth lovers will surely like this product as it is made from recycled newspapers.

Original designs: Many times, you will simply notice original ceiling designs in commercial areas such as hotels. This is a good way to attract the attention of clients. Schools, universities and most of the professional world make use of uniquely-designed ceilings to add flair to a usually linear building.

Generally, when choosing designs for your ceiling; your objective is to keep it bright. This brings about light that is reflected both day and night. Now that you know the most enticing designs to dress up your ceiling, are you going to have a ceiling renovation project soon? Just make sure to get in touch with an expert interior designer to help you with your needs.

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