Ceiling Designs: Their Importance and Different Looks (Weekly Roundup)

When designing your home, there are so many aspects to consider with the emphasis being placed on furniture selection, colors, space planning, and even lighting. The ceiling is often overlooked but is no less than a crucial design element. With so many ceiling designs to choose from, it is a waste if you do not even take the time to study each.

Aesthetic Improvement

The most obvious ceiling design aspect centers on aesthetics. A ceiling can create a dramatic visual impact in any room even when you are going to use the simplest design.

Creative painting is a common option for budget-conscious homeowners. Ceiling design companies are sought after by those who are willing to go all out in terms of budget.

Ceiling Selection

Choosing your ceiling can also be an important aspect of achieving good acoustics more so with regard to noise reduction. Of course, private conversations must remain, well, private, so it is vital to keep the noise from seeping through the floor above. It is awkward to hear bedroom conversations right above the living room just when visitors are starting to pour in!

The hottest trend in ceiling designs is the complete elimination of ceiling tiles. In their place, joists and structural beams are left exposed. While this may be visually pleasant, it offers a downside with regard to acoustics. Thus, it is at this point that a designer steps in to consider selecting other ceiling systems.

Open Feel Ceiling Design

Having discussed the downside of open ceiling trends, it becomes increasingly important to choose a ceiling system that can offer sound buffer while still being able to provide the open space concept. Consider also that exposed plenums can lose the energy efficiency benefits.

Vaulted Ceiling Design

If you are lucky enough to live in a sprawling estate, then why not maximize your home by adding more drama to it? The best design for ceilings in such kinds of homes is the vaulted style.

A vaulted ceiling is also known as the cathedral ceiling. This became popular in the 19th century in many cathedrals and churches, hence, its name stuck.

This kind of ceiling angles sharply to form a beautiful peak. It beautifully follows the pitch of the roof, making the space look more spacious and airy.

Wooden Ceiling Design

Cottage style or country style homes should have wooden ceilings. There are two types of this kind of ceiling design –the coffered and beamed ceilings. Coffered ceilings can effortlessly add refinement and luxury in any home. This design uses spaced inserts in squares or rectangles. These are made with the use of wooden moldings.

Exposed beam ceilings, on the other hand, consist of wooden beams in crisscrossing patterns. This is a more straightforward design as compared to its counterpart. They are largely used in huge kitchens, living rooms, and studies.

False Ceiling Design

Low, false ceilings provide warmth and coziness in any room. This is one of the greatest ideas for modern ceiling styles. False ceilings, also called as suspended ceilings, dropped ceilings or hanging ceilings; are small spaces that are kept between the actual ceiling and the faux ceiling. This is a good place to conceal wiring systems, insulation and ductwork.

Textured Ceiling Design

If you want to add more dimension to your room, then having a textured ceiling design is the way to go. This is best used on conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, and showrooms because of its grandiosity.

Textured ceilings come in different shapes and sizes and they can even be made water and soundproof. These are highly durable designs that can last for many years.

These are just some of the ceiling designs that you can consider for your home. Search online for more styles that you can choose from.

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