Business Brokers


When you are selling a business, your business broker or M&A Advisor will likely create a Comprehensive Business Review or CBR.  This comprehensive document can then be presented to prospective buyers once they have signed all necessary confidentiality documentation.  It is essential that this document builds trust between both parties,Read More →


Just as buying your first house is quite an exhilarating experience, letting the same house go can be quite difficult. There is a certain sentimental attachment that comes with everyone’s first house. However, there are certain circumstances that make it unsustainable to live in that house any longer. Something likeRead More →


The real estate market has been revived by renewed confidence in houses as promising investment vehicles. This is quite telling considering that the market is still recovering from the global economic downturn that affected many economies throughout the United States. Today, you will find more and more people exhibiting aRead More →