Cart Art – Tips in Dressing Up a Bar Cart (Link Roundup)


You may have seen a lot of bar carts in old movies but this is speedily becoming a staple piece in many new homes. If you are a social animal then you know that it this is an essential piece when it comes to entertaining guests.

Bar Cart
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Bar carts are versatile when it comes to their functions, where they should be situated, and their style. There are now many different bar cart designs to choose from. There are the traditional-looking ones and the more modern pieces. Whichever style you choose, you have a possible conversation piece in your home.

A Little Bar Cart History

The earliest bar carts came out during the Victorian era. These were not originally used or intended for carting wine bottles in and out of a place. These were then used as tea trolleys. Bar carts became booze carts at the end of the Prohibition.

The popularity of this piece rocketed in the 1950s when cocktails hours were common and hosting was already considered an art.

Don’t you just love the brief history of this awesome piece? Its interesting history actually spans decades. It’s a romantic thing to think about especially since it was not originally made to carry spirits.

Bar Cart Essentials

Dressing up your bar cart is a cool project that you can share with your loved one. When you’re thinking about the style that you would have for your bar cart, of course, you need to consider what sort of guests you will be entertaining.

After you picked your bar cart, it’s time to look for accessories that would dress it up. Did you know that the bar cart can also have its own theme? Just think of stocking it up with vintage wine and glassware. When you go down this path, then remember to stylize with vintage-style chairs and tables, too.

Okay, basically, here are the spirits that you will need for a fundamentally-stocked bar cart –

  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Rum
  • Whiskey
  • Vermouth and

Choose the prettiest bottles for each selection. Have at least one bottle of each liquor, this is so you can cater to just about any preference that would come your way. Your guests will surely praise you for have a well-stocked bar.

As for the bar cart tools, you need a cocktail shaker which is a metal device that is used in mixing different kinds of drinks. The mixing glass is also like a shaker but it is used more for stirring. It is also an awesome tool in cooling your concoctions.

Jiggers are small glasses that are used in measuring liquor amounts. These will then be poured into the cocktail shaker.

A bar spoon is a thin, long spoon that is used in layering and mixing different drinks. You will also need a strainer when removing ice from the drinks. A cutting board is no longer just a tool inside the kitchen. This is a must-have for your bar cart since this is where the garnishes will be prepped and cut. Lemon slices and olives are prepped here.

You will, of course, need some glassware. This is a variety of glasses that will be used to hold the drinks. Cocktail sticks are also necessary. These are needed in holding garnishes such as pineapples, olives, or whatnot.

Show It Off

Now that you have chosen your bar cart and filled it with the bare essentials, it’s time to show it to your friends. You can also use the bar cart to display your favorite dishes and glassware. If you’re feeling up to it, then you can also use a glass vase filled with flowers to complete the look.

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