Can’t Get Over Pink (Interior Design Link Roundup)


Stanley Furniture Bedroom Botany Bed Queen in rose finish.

Elegant yet calming, baby pink blush is a versatile hue that can both be warm yet playful. There are so many ways to use pink. You can have a go at it on its own or you can add fresh neutrals or darker hues to balance it. Hints of blush or blazing pink, you’ll surely be swept off your feet.

A Contradictory Hue

Pink is self-contradicting. Its meaning varies hugely on the context or culture in which it is used or presented.  It is mostly feminine but – believe it or not – it can also be masculine. It can represent tenderness or strength.

Pink Is Feminine

In Western cultures, pink is chiefly a feminine color. If you would observe, a lot of the female products use pink heavily on their packaging, however, this isn’t a universal thing. In Japan, for instance, pink is mostly associated with masculinity.

Pink is Innocent

Pink is most often linked to childhood which represents innocence, sweetness, and naivety. It can also be the color to represent youthfulness and vulnerability.

Pink Is Romantic 

Just like red, pink is a romantic color. While red is representing passion, pink, however, represents tenderness. It is a color that focuses on intimacy rather than the more aggressive form of loving. It is also a color of nurturing, of familiar love.

Pink Is Many Other Things

Pink can also have a calming effect on many people. Compared to red, it is not as aggressive. It is a color of safety, sometimes, weakness.

The Uttermost Living Room Arieat Pink Armchair balances the darker hues in its surroundings.

Pink can also symbolize optimism and hope.

Pink: The Positive and Negative Aspects

If you want to choose a different tint of shade of pink, then you can be more confident with fuchsia. This is an energetic color that competes for attention so be sure to use it in areas of your home where you really need attention.

Pink has a lot of positive associations. First, it is calming. It is never a threatening hue since it is linked to innocence and optimism. And since it is also largely feminine, then it is a color that represents kindness and the nurturing care of a woman.

A negative aspect of pink is being shallow or not being able to look at the real picture.

Pink Color Schemes

Pink, when used in decorating and interior design, tends to gear towards tenderness and what’s romantic. If the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year is a little too much for you, then you can go a tad lighter with pink.

Pink color schemes are meaningful and often symbolic. Inspired by many pink flowers, it is an excellent choice for a unique yet cool interior design.

Pink color schemes are versatile so be ready to add many decorative ideas such as the ever-reliable pink flowers, pink area rugs, pink throws, pink fabrics, pink curtains, and walls in pink.

The most popular pink shades are sweet and youthful. If you choose this theme, then be ready to pair pink with black or gray. You can also include orange hues such as that of peach, salmon or coral. Shades of red will also create a lovely ombre effect with this youthful color. These hues should beautifully balance the rooms in your home.

Pale pink, on the other hand, can be made neutral when combined with white, light gray, and paler versions of the same color.

Where to Use Pink

If totally pink rooms scare you, then you can always begin with accessories. A pink accent wall would also be a unique way to welcome your guests into the living room. A pink home office is one room enough to represent your love for this color. The pink will also bring out productivity which is great for this room.

Your pink color scheme can also be added to the dining room. A pink blush for a table runner is a great way to scale down your décor coming from the festive holidays.

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