Cabin Fever: 5 Timeless Styles of the Rustic Design (Link Roundup)


The rustic style is actually an interior design theme that describes a wide range of traditional styles. All these put their emphasis on the unrefined and natural elements. The most featured styles under this general term are the lodge, country, Southwestern, farmhouse, and Western.

Rustic Basics

The color palettes for rustic design is often inspired by natural materials such as suede, leather, pewter, wood, rusted metals, wrought-iron, cotton, wool, hemp, animal hides, rocks, concrete, and garden elements.

Lodge Style

A house designed with a lodge style is also known as the Northwest style home. This is a habitat that can easily blend with the great outdoors. A lodge home often comes with wood siding, gables, cedar shakes, and cross beams made of timber.

Summer Home Cottage Wicker Arm Chair
Summer Home Cottage Wicker Arm Chair

The lodge-style is also identified with rough and heavy ornate pieces. These are furniture pieces that come with crude, wooden legs. They also have a weathered look as the wooden frames are either distressed or painted white.

The dressers and wardrobes are also all made of wood just like the bed. Other pieces of furniture that you should consider for your log cabin is the log bookshelf, futons, tree stump tables, and aspen log seats.

Country Style

The aesthetics of country style homes represent everything element that you would find in a farmhouse (not much different from the lodge style home, right?). Its color palette consists of bright and pastel colors.

It is common to find stenciling and vintage signage in this type of home. Inside the kitchen, in particular, you will find wood-fueled stoves, apron front sink, and grained cabinetry. You might also chance upon some floral patterns on the kitchen tiles.

Southwestern Style

This cabin style is characterized by the usual earth tone-inspired interiors. You will see a lot of crafted objects inside, some woven fabrics that are brightly-colored, and an abundance of terracotta tiles.

Focus on the textiles, furniture, and accents when you’re trying to distinguish the Southwestern style. The textiles here are often woven, suede, or made with leather. It is also common to find serapes (wool shawls with colorful patterns) draped on furniture.

The leather is the leading sofa covering. A popular choice of wood is the knotty pine which also shows a distressed finish. Some are even embellished with metal accents.

Speak of accents, you will see a lot of painted ceramics, Talavera pottery, and other Mexican-inspired pieces.

Farmhouse Style

You will never get tired of the farmhouse appeal because it carefully balances old and new elements.

The farmhouse is relaxing, warm, and cozy. It is stylish yet clean, and more importantly, it is always in tune with nature.

The practical rules for the Farmhouse style are to have a harvest style table. Try to replicate the look of hand-me-down furnishings.

A farmhouse must always look like it evolved beautifully through the years. To get this look, you must avoid being too calculated. Mix and match the materials that you use, and don’t forget the staple elements – the barn board, exposed wood beams, apron sink, butcher block, wicker or rattan, slipcovered pieces, and weathered finishes.

Western Style

Can you think of the basic Colorado home that is nestled in an expansive ranch? This comes with French doors and woodworks everywhere. Think of cowboys, cows, horses, and grass everywhere.

The rustic Western décor can still be stylish. Choose from the usual cowboy hideaway, a Western lodge, or a cattle ranch. All the styles project a unique kind of charm and warmth.

Stylizing using this theme seems like living in the Oklahoma Corral. The colors are reminiscent of the skies, the Painted Desert, and other natural elements.

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