Kitchens are expensive to upgrade – this is a known interior design fact. Yet this room is so important that it becomes crucial to keep it trendy, functional, comfortable and homey all at the same time.

But did you know that you do not need to spend your entire retirement fund just to remodel your kitchen? You will realize that what you just need to do is to make some quick changes and your kitchen would look amazingly new. Just stay focused on the end result that you want and you are sure to achieve the most beautiful results – even on a budget.

Repainting Won’t Break the Bank

What could be a cheaper way to achieve a new look than to repaint your home? This time, instead of the stark white which you chose years ago, why not go for a homier color such as light brown? You can be versatile with your paint choice but never forget to put a bit of yourself on your painting project.

Repainting projects are not just applicable on walls, ceilings and floors. You can also ask your family to help you in repainting your current kitchen cabinets. Standard issue white kitchen cabinets are boring so you can add a little color by painting them with duck egg blue, sage green or warm putty. If you want to keep the white cabinets, then make a bold statement by painting the kitchen island black. The stark contrast will surely be noticed.

If painting isn’t your thing, you can also add stencils onto the walls. Choose from hundreds of designs in the market these days – from florals to geometric patterns.

Improve the Lighting

Trade your current, boring lighting fixtures to a more chic option. Look for pendant lights that will make your dining room or living room appear more elegant. Pendant lights can also serve as focal points in a room. Look for hand-blown glass pendants which will surely catch your visitors’ attention.

Sconces may also be added since they can add a beautiful ambient lighting. Sconces can also add personality to the kitchen. It is more effective in doing so when compared to track or recessed lighting. There are plug-in versions which you can install yourself or you can hire a licensed electrician to install your new sconces and have the dangling cords expertly hidden.

Add or Restore Hardware

Having classic hardware is a valuable upgrade as it also subtly enhances the look of your space. Just make sure that you keep tab of the price for every piece as you go around and shop – it tends to go up really fast more so when you have a fairly large kitchen to upgrade.

Begin your hardware shopping by counting the number of knobs and pulls inside your kitchen. With the number in mind, it becomes easier to estimate the hardware that you will need to improve your kitchen, hence, you won’t go over your budget.

Accessory Upgrade

If you have limited budget for your kitchen upgrade, then an easy way to create a different look is to have an accessory upgrade. Buy copper pots and pans and hang them right above your kitchen island. This simple addition to your kitchen accessories will make the room come alive. Add some bottles of spices in different colors as well as small pots of plants and the look is just about complete!

Use Roman shades to finish the look of your new kitchen. These shades can effectively add elegance and softness in room where a lot of activities can happen every day. Matching shades can give you a cohesive look.

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