Boudoir Necessities: 5 Stuff That Ladies Can’t Do Without


Isn’t it an incomparable thrill to design your own bedroom? This is especially true with women as this is the species that like to decorate and make spaces appear tidy and unique. Then comes the difficult part – what boudoir necessities should you start shopping for?

You may feel a bit upset at first when you have a very limited space to design. For example, the college dorm can be extremely small since students are placed in one room and clear divisions aren’t in place. In this case, you can set up pillows and comforters as well as hang your favorite wall portraits.

If you’re a teenager who just won your privacy by being given the leeway to design your own bedroom then don’t fret. No matter how small the room is, you can still turn it into a cozy and useful bedroom. Just make sure that you match your personality to the bedroom that you are about to set up.

The most basic way to design your room and even demonstrate your personality is to choose your room color well. Don’t think that your favorite color would automatically fit. For instance, you may love neon pink but placing this color inside your bedroom is simply not right. This bright, hot color won’t help you sleep soundly at night.

Now, the five boudoir necessities –

The Theme

This is the first thing that you need to consider when envisioning the perfect look for your bedroom. Of course, it is no longer going to be the Barbie or Disney Princess theme. You can go for the safe designs such as stripes and minimalism but you can also explore by mixing and matching.

For the artistic few, you can have the bare brick wall as the perfect backdrop. You can then build on this look by adding flashes of color on your bedding and accessories.

Patterned wallpapers are perfect for funky women or teenage girls. It’s up to you to choose between flashy and simple patterns. And, of course, the floral theme will never go out of style. 

The Bed

When it comes to bedroom furniture, of course, you cannot not have a bed. Bedroom sets would do well in larger rooms but if you are working really hard to make a small room look nice, then find a small bed.

A comfortable bed is one that has a sturdy framework including the head and foot boards. Complete the look by combining a sleek comforter with some fluffy pillows.

The Bedroom Vanity

Every woman needs to freshen up in the morning and to cleanse her face during the evening so she has to have her own bedroom vanity. This stylish storage space can house her make-up, perfumes, lotion and other beauty and skin care products.

The Area Rug

Step out of your bed onto a warm, soft area rug. Consider installing a layer of smaller rug right beside your bed. You can do this even when the room already has a carpet. Just keep in mind that the pattern of the rug must complete the theme and not ruin it.

The Bedside Table

Having a comfortable bed isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about in terms of furniture selection. Consider the bedside table as your bed’s sidekick. There some people who like to watch TV in their bedrooms and if this is also the scenario in your home, then you probably want to bring in some food and beverage. The bedside table is there to hold your food so that your bedding remains clean.

If you are the type who likes reading or working on your project while in bed, then you can place your laptop, books and other stuff on your bedside table. A desk lamp can also be conveniently placed on each side of the bed when you buy a pair of bedside tables.

These boudoir necessities are truly essential for a fashionable and functional bedroom. It’s high time you start shopping for them soon.

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