The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

By Bethany Hayes..

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas 

Mothers are like superheroes! They cook, clean, take care of little kids, work, and somehow manage to stay sane – for the most part. Mother’s Day is a day when you need to let the special mothers in your life know how much you appreciate everything that they do for you. 

Trust me; mom is going to appreciate anything that you give her! That might be a handmade card or a homemade gift. If you want to buy something for mom, here are some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that she will love.

20 Top Mother’s Day Gifts

1.Custom Coffee Mugs

Coffee and mothers go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t have one without the other. If the mom in your life loves coffee or tea, a custom coffee mug with pictures of her kids or something she really loves would be a great gift she can use daily. 

Make sure you include a few bags or boxes of coffee. Pick up the sets of coffee that she typically wouldn’t purchase for herself. If she is a tea drinker, toss in a few boxes of Chai tea or some English breakfast tea. She will love it! 

Family Divine Custom Mugs

2.Milk Frother

A cool, unique gift for your coffee and caffeine loving Mother is a milk frother. Warmed, frothed milk makes you feel like you went to the coffee shop each morning, plus it saves money. Frothers are perfect for moms who love to drink lattes, hot and cold, at home. 

Best Milk Frother for moms and parents

3.A Pampering Session

If you really want to win mom over, a pre-booked pampering session will be just what she wants. She would enjoy a body massage, a manicure, and a pedicure. Look for a massage salon that is close by and offers a relaxing, spa atmosphere. Then, leave her alone for a few hours! 

manicure, pedicure, massage for mom and parents

4.A Basket of Wine and Glasses

Most mothers love a glass of wine with dinner. A new set of wine glasses and a few bottles of wine gives her a way to relax when she is able to unwind. Add in a set of wine charms and a box of chocolates! 

Consider adding a nice new corkscrew. If she likes to drink wine often, consider getting her an electric corkscrew. They cost more than other corkscrews, but they’re more efficient. 

Best wine basket and glasses for mom and parents

5.Custom Canvases 

Who doesn’t love large custom canvases on their wall featuring the people they love the most? I can tell you that your mother will love them! Even better, get some professional pictures taken without her knowing for the canvases. 

Family Divine Custom Canvases

 6.Bluetooth Speaker

Does your mom love music? A Bluetooth speaker lets her play music throughout the house. She can play music outside on the patio or in the kitchen while cooking. You can find speakers that also work as phone chargers, so consider finding one that is multi-functional. 

Best rated bluetooth speaker for moms and parents

7.Aromatherapy Diffuser

A diffuser lets her pick her favorite scent for that day. She can spread it throughout the house. Consider adding a new scent of essential oils as well so that she has several ones to pick. 

Best Aromatherapy diffuser for moms and parents

8.Bath Set 

A relaxing bath set is just what a tired mom needs. The bath set might include a bath tray, floating candles, bath salts, bath bombs, lotions, and a bath pillow. Aromatherapy oils are nice as well for post-bath massages to moisturize dry skin. 

 Do you want to add a nicer touch? Find a plush towel to add as well and a nice, silky bathrobe for afterward. Bring the spa to her. You also can grab a pair of nice slippers. 


Does your mom love candles? Look for candles that offer scents she enjoys. Don’t know what she loves? Take a look at what she already has around her home. Soy candles are favorites and look for long-burning candles. 

Best rated candles for moms and parents

 10.Custom Phone Cases

Everyone uses their smartphone! She will love a custom phone case with pictures of her kids or her favorite things. Does she really love to garden? Add some pictures of her flowers. Make sure you check to see what phone she has so you can get the right case. New models often need different cases! 

Family Divine Custom Phone Cases

11.Hanging Bird Feeders 

Spring and summertime are the best time to watch birds. If your mom likes to garden or enjoys spending time outside, a hanging bird feeder (with birdseed) will make her backyard the neighborhood buffet for birds. Make sure you take a look at the local birds so that you can pick birdseed that the local ones will enjoy. 

Best bird feeders for moms and parents

12.Indoor Garden Herbs

Does mom have a garden thumb? An indoor garden herb center is an LED-powered plant shelf. You can set it on the countertop or a bookshelf. These kits have enough space for two to three herbs or more, depending on the size of the pots. 

indoor gardner herbs for moms and parents

Don’t forget to grab a few herbs to add on her shelf! Think about her favorite dishes. A few popular choices are basil, thyme, sage, parsley, cilantro, or mint. 

13.Custom Drink Tumblers

Drink tumblers are convenient, even if you don’t drink coffee or tea. A custom drink tumbler means you can add pictures or words that you think your mother might love. 

If she really loves hot drinks, a mug cozy will help keep it too hot for her hand. 

Family Divine Custom Tumblers

14.Custom Watch Bands

Everyone has a smart watch these days. Whether it’s keeping a tab on calories, your overall health, notifications or even taking call – A smart watch has become a must have!

If your mom has one then there is nothing better than sending her a custom watch band with here favorites pictures. May be It’s your picture or her grand kids pictures, Your Mom will surely love a custom watch band as a gift!

Family Divine Custom Watch Bands

15.Chocolate Gift Basket 

Chocolate is equal to heaven, so why not give your angel mom a huge basket of assorted chocolates? Grab several of her favorite candies and make sure to get her some really nice chocolate like Lindt bars. Those are delicious, and she will appreciate the stash of chocolate when she’s having a rough day. 

Best rated chocolate gift basket for moms and parents

16.Deep Cleaning

Want to take a load off of mom? Hire a cleaner to come in and give the house a good deep cleaning. Make sure she leaves as well. Then, she gets to come home to a clean house without having to do anything. You’ll win her over for sure! 

 If you have the extra cash, consider purchasing a few deep cleaning sessions. 

17.Audible Membership

Reading is a hobby that mothers love, but rarely do they have time to read as much as they want. All of the daily tasks tend to eat up a lot of time. Instead, purchase mom a yearly Audible membership. She can download audiobooks and listen to them throughout the day when she is completing chores. 

Include a nice set of headphones for her as well! The headphones included with smartphones aren’t always comfortable for lengthy use.

Another great choice is an eReader! Some people don’t like audiobooks, but an eReader is small enough that it can fit in her purse. She can take it wherever she wants. 

18.Personalized Necklace 

Mothers love anything personalized. Grab a necklace or bracelet with her children’s names or initials on them. Pick a necklace that also has the birthstones on the necklace! There are so many options, and pick one that fits her personality.

Some women prefer rings, so consider getting a ring with her children’s birthstones! 

Best rated necklace for moms and parents

19.Crafting Classes

Does your mom have a crafty bone in her body, or does she keep talking about trying a new craft but never does? Paying for a few crafting classes is a great idea. People love hobbies, and moms sometimes need to pursue a new hobby for themselves. 

You can also toss in a few items to go with the crafting classes. For example, if you pay for some knitting classes, grab a set of knitting needles or yarn! 

Crafting classes for moms and parents

20.Gardening Tools 

Spring and summer are time for gardening. Grab your mom a new set of gardening tools to help her in the garden beds. Good garden tools make the work more efficient. Some sets come in nice bags! You can also get knee pads and a rain gauge. 

Best rated garden tools for moms and parents
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