Best Custom Gifts Ideas for Family and Friends

A custom gift for someone you love is such a personal way of telling someone you were thinking about them. The purpose of a gift is to show that you care. Giving a custom gift is probably the best way to show someone you care about them and want to get them something meaningful. 

Gifts from the store can be wonderful and very nice to receive. There is just something about giving a custom gift that shows more thought and originality than anything mass-produced could provide. Giving a custom gift is so much more personal and thoughtful than something bought off the shelves. 

There are so many different types of gifts you can give for every occasion. Giving a custom gift adds that little extra personal touch that a gift needs to feel special and thoughtful. Luckily, there are a million different types of personal, customized gifts you can give to every person in your life. 

Custom gifts are a way to elevate an already thoughtful gift into something that the person who receives it will treasure forever. Finding the perfect custom gift for the most important people in your life might seem difficult at first, but there are a ton of choices for gifts you can customize. 

Actually, there are so many different types of custom gifts that it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what to get the people you love most. Here is a list of a few custom gifts you can get for every person in your life to add a more personal touch. 

Best Custom Gift Ideas for Mom

Shopping for your mother might just be the hardest shopping you will ever do. She raised you and has been getting you amazing gifts since you were a baby. How can you possibly find a present that is thoughtful enough to show her how much you care? 

Finding the perfect gift off the rack is almost impossible. Adding a little bit of customization is enough to make a normal gift into something to be treasured forever. Luckily, moms usually care more about the thought behind a gift than the price tag, so a custom gift is actually the best possible gift to give them. 

Custom gifts for your mother are more about the thought and the memory than the usefulness of the product. Often gifts for your mother can be a keepsake more than a useful gift to use every day. Here are a few ideas for custom gifts to give your mother.

1. Custom Canvases

Most mothers take a lot of pictures of their family. They are rarely featured in the pictures they take and they usually are the only ones that think to hang up the pictures that they have taken. Finding a beautiful family picture or a great memory that you can customize a canvas for and hang up for your mother is one of the best custom gifts you can give. 

Giving your mother a personalized framed canvas shows that you were thinking of her and that you wanted to share a memory with her. Whether it is a custom canvas of your whole family or just you and her, a canvas is something she can treasure and look at daily. Framing it and making it look nice is just the icing on the cake. 

personalized canvasis something your mother can keep for years and remember you and the memory that picture has captured forever. This is a simple custom gift that shows you were thinking of your mother and that you wanted to get her something that only she could own. Canvas is a great way to add a little customization to a gift.

2. Customized Accessories

Something that is easy to customize and undeniably beautiful is a custom accessory. Giving your mother something she can wear and enjoy is a great way to get her a gift that will last a long time and that she can wear as much as she wants. It can also be customized as obviously or subtly as you want. 

For instance, a customized bracelet could be something with a quote that means something to her carved into the back as a special reminder for just her. Or it could be a heart with the birthstones of everyone in your family carefully placed inside. Either way, it is a beautiful custom gift that will mean a lot to her. 

The great thing about getting custom accessories for your mother is you can make sure to get the type of jewelry she wears the most. If your mother wears necklaces the most, then you can make sure to get her another one she will enjoy that is a little more special than the average accessory. This is a gift that she will be able to wear and think of you and remember how much you love her and how thoughtful your gift was. 

3.Custom Gift “Recipes”

If there is one thing that just about every child can relate to it is how much they loved their mother’s cooking. Even if your mother wasn’t the best chef in the world she probably had a few recipes that were your favorite growing up. Putting those recipes on something she can keep forever is such a sweet and personal custom gift for your mother. 

Getting her famous cookie recipe printed onto a custom made beach towel in her handwriting is a great way to preserve a family recipe and a creative gift to give your mother. You could also get a cutting board with her best vegetable soup recipe or favorite way to make salsa. Putting your family’s best recipes on something your mother can keep and use while she cooks is such a loving way to give her a gift you know she will use. 

Maybe your mother has her mother’s old recipe book that is falling apart. Getting it to rebound so that she can keep the nostalgic feeling of reading her mother’s handwriting while she cooks without having to worry about the pages falling apart would be the perfect gift. A kitchen is a place where the family gathers and getting your mother a gift that helps that happen will make her happy and show how much you care.

Best Custom Gift Ideas for Dad

Shopping for your father can be a daunting task to undertake. Your father is the man who doesn’t need anything and is impossible to shop for. Often your father is the hardest person to buy a gift for. 

A custom gift takes away the very real possibility that your father is going to end up with a bunch of t-shirts from every member of the family. It also adds a little extra love to a gift and shows you put some genuine thought into what to get him this year. A custom gift shows you love someone without having to say it all the time and sometimes a show of love is exactly what your dad needs. 

Luckily, your father probably will appreciate a practical gift he can use regularly more than he would enjoy a picture of memory. That makes it easier to narrow down what he needs the most and how you want it customized so it is special to him. Here are a few ideas on what customized gifts you can get for your dad this year.

1. Customized Watch

This might not seem like a great gift at first but a watch is often the exact right gift to get your father. This is a gift that your father can use all the time and that shows you were thinking about what he will use and needs. It also gives you a chance to show you have been paying attention to your father’s style and what he likes. 

One of the best things about getting your father a watch is subtle customization that can be done to make it an even more special gift. You can get it engraved with a meaningful date or quote so that every time your father looks at it he is reminded of you. You could also add a few details like a custom band that shows his favorite sports team or his favorite color to make it a little more original and special. 

A watch is already a nice gift without adding any customized details. The extra customization just makes an already good gift into something great and extra thoughtful. A watch is a perfect gift to get a working man who always wears a watch or a man who needs a watch for special occasions. 

2. Customized Wallet

The likelihood that your father has had a wallet in his back pocket your entire life is pretty high. It is something that most people carry on them at all times and that most men wear out pretty quickly from sitting on it and using it so much. That makes a brand new customized wallet an excellent gift to get your father.

Maybe your father loves comics and you want to get his favorite superhero emblem carved into a nice wallet or stamped on a money clip. Maybe he loves fine leather and horses so you want to buy him a well-made wallet with his favorite western themes detailed onto the front. No matter what there is a wallet or money clip your father will love that can become an amazing gift by adding a little bit of customization. 

A wallet is an excellent gift for any father that he will use until it wears out and treasure. The thought behind getting a wallet with his favorite things on it or specially made for him will not go unnoticed. This is a great way to get your father a meaningful gift without the worry of buying him something he won’t like or won’t use.

2. His Favorite Drink With A Custom Tumbler or Mug

Getting your father a gift that has to do with his favorite drink is a tried and true method of making sure your dad is happy with his present. If he loves whiskey then get him some glasses and a bottle, if he loves beer or wine then splurge for his favorite. If he enjoys coffee than a tumbler or mug would be a great gift for your father.

You can get him a custom made mug, flask, or tumbler so he has something fancy to drink his favorite beverage from. You could get him a bottle of wine made at his favorite vineyard with his name on the label. There are so many ways to make a mug and a tumbler personal and special to your father.  

The best way to make a gift great is to take something you already know they will like and make it a bit more custom. If you know your father’s favorite drink or place to buy alcohol then you already have a place to start. From there it is just deciding if he needs a mug or a tumbler and how you want to make it special enough for the man who raised you.  

Best Personalized Gift Ideas for Friends 

If it is hard to shop for the people who raised you, it is doubly hard to shop for the people you choose to hang out with. Finding a gift you know your friend will love is hard enough without trying to make it even more special by adding some customization. Luckily, there are a lot of great custom gifts you can get your friends that will thrill them and show how much you value their friendship.

Shopping for friends is mostly about finding something that shows you listen to them and know what they like. Even if it is a funny gift that has to do with an inside joke, it reminds them you value their friendship and remember the great times you have had. The best way to make a normal gift to your friend into something special is by making it a bit custom. 

Customizing a gift to your friend can be very simple. You can DIY a gift that is already meaningful or you can spring for something professionally customized that they will treasure forever. Here are a few of the great custom gifts you can get for your friends this year. 

1. Customizable Blankets

A blanket is something useful, pretty, and easy to customize. There are websites where you can purchase a blanket with custom pictures of you and your friends or of your friend’s pets. There are also easy ways to customize a blanket on your own or buy one just for your best friends.

If you and your friends bonded over your mutual love of a movie or a band then you can get a blanket with lyrics or emblems on it that represent something you both love. Finding a custom gift sometimes just means adding a little extra thought into something that means a lot to both of you and putting it on a blanket. You could also make a blanket out of band shirts from people you have been to see together or that you know your friend loves. 

The great thing about a custom blanket is that it is a completely blank space that you can use to show how much you care about your friend and the things they like. Even if that just means having the fluffiest batman blanket ever made, it shows you put thought into it and that you care about your friend’s interests. Custom blankets are a great gift for a friend that is always cold or that you want to show you care. 

2. Custom Phone Cases

Custom phone cases are growing in popularity as a gift since everyone has a cell phone at this point. That means there are tons of websites you can find to get a custom phone case for your friend. There are plenty of great custom phone case options that make this gift special as well as practical.

Phones are too fragile and expensive to not have a case, but that doesn’t mean the case has to be boring. Buying your friend a custom phone case that you know they will love is a way to get them something they will always use and that will make them smile when they see it. If you have an environmentally conscious friend you can buy them a wooden phone case with a nice engraving so they know they are not wasting plastic. 

You can get your friend a phone case with a customized picture of the two of you on your last vacation. You can get them a phone case that you know will make them smile every time they see it because they love the custom picture or engraving you decided to put on it. No matter how you decide to customize it, a custom phone case makes a great gift for any friend.   

3. A Custom Made Spa Box

This is a great way to get your friend all of their favorite things in one personalized box. It doesn’t have to be spa supplies if you know something else your friend prefers then feel free to gather them all up and put them in a cute box to make it a bit more special. All you need is to know your friend and buy them the products you know they love best.

Pick up their favorite brand of chapstick and the lotion you know they love. Add in a book from their favorite author or a movie you know they love to watch when they are trying to relax. Putting together your own custom gift box is a great way to get your friends something they will love that shows how well you know them. 

You could buy several inexpensive products to put together one excellent box with all of your friend’s favorite things in it. Or you could make the box a bit more expensive with fewer items but better quality. No matter what a spa box is an excellent gift for your hard-working friends who deserve a break and deserve to know you care.  

To Conclude

Custom gifts are the best way to show the people closest to you how much you care. It can be hard to find just the right gift off the shelves and sometimes customizing a gift gives it that extra touch it needed to be a great gift. Customizing your gifts shows that you put in a little extra thought and that you wanted to make sure the person you love knows that you were thinking about them.

Gifts for your mother are often best when they have to do with family or how much you love her. A great way to show that you are glad she is your mom is by giving her a custom canvas of you with her at one of your favorite places. You can also get her custom accessories to show how much you care or add something to her kitchen with personalized recipes. 

Your father is likely a man who likes to use things until they are worn out and prefer gifts that he can use. Getting him his own custom accessories in the form of a watch or cuff links is an excellent way to get him something he will use that shows you care. Spending the extra money to get a wallet customized or his favorite drink made just a little more special is an excellent way to give him a gift that shows you listen to him and care about what he likes and uses. 

Buying custom gifts for your friends shows that a little extra thought went into your gift and that you care about the things they enjoy. Giving them a custom blanket with their interests or memories printed on it is enough to show how much you care. You can add a little extra love into their everyday life with a custom phone case or a spa box to help them relax. 

Custom gifts are an excellent way to show all the people you love how much you care. Whether you are buying an expensive watch or making your own spa box, a custom gift shows that you put some extra thought into the gift. Those are some of the best custom gift ideas for family and friends.  

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