Bedroom Ideas for Teenagers: 5 Tips On How Not To Go Wrong (Link Roundup)

Most parents are known to be overly protective of their kids – even in their teenage years. This is why it can get difficult for parents to take a quick peek into the kid’s email inbox. Yet teenagers have an increased need for privacy as opposed to younger children. And while it is the parents’ duty to keep their kids safe, it is also their responsibility to teach them the meaning of privacy, making certain that privacy won’t get in the way of the child’s security.

One good way to introduce privacy in a teenager’s life is to give him his own room. Teen rooms are spaces where a teener can relax, study, and enjoy a moment with his friends and relatives. It is vital to keep his things in proper order so this can become a daunting task for some parents whose children are not a big fan of cleaning up.

When designing a teenager’s room, the most important point to consider is for the room to be living in such a way that the teenager will never get bored when he is in it. Also, all the other design aspects of the room must all harmonize.

Make Good Use of Magnetic Paint

You can now paint teen rooms with magnetic paint which have become quite popular in the past few years. There is no longer any need to drill a hole into the wall if you the teenager ever wants to hang a framed photo or artwork on a wall that is splashed with magnetic paint.

Use a simple paint color and you are in big trouble. Painting a teenager’s room with a dull paint color is tantamount to splashing the room with boredom. It is better to draw murals onto the walls or to work on a theme such as sports theme for boys and floral themes for girls.

It’s All About Style Now

It is also important to choose the right kind of stylish furniture. These pieces should give the bedroom a new and more mature look. You may invest on wrought-iron bed or a platform bed. You may also buy a day bed or a Futon bed which provides seating at daytime.

Placing a nightstand or a comfy chair right beside the bed is also a great way to hype the teenager’s bedroom. Have a functional wardrobe be installed in the room. This is necessary since it is the storage unit for the teenager’s clothing and other personal items.

Setting Up the Funky Flooring

As much as possible, use wooden, carpet or marble flooring. Rugs or carpets must match the bedroom design in order to make the room look cozier. The carpet is one of the most important things that you need to decide on if you want the bedroom to have a more opulent look.

Let There Be Illumination

Use a variety of task lighting as well as candle lamps. These can have different effects on the room. A candle lamp can provide a look of elegance while the task lights are more on function. The color of the walls can also greatly affect lighting this is why it is advisable to use light colors instead of dark ones since the former reflect the light rather than absorb it.

Segregate the Study Area

No teens’ room is complete without an appropriate study area. Teenagers study differently, either they want to study as a group or they prefer to work it out on their own. Keep the study area away from the bed so that the student will not be tempted to go to bed during an important review.

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