All About Bathtubs (Home Improvement Link Roundup)


There are many different kinds of tubs, this you already know for sure and there is but one function to these tubs – cleaning yourself, your kids, the pets, etc. In essence, it’s all about cleaning up. While fostering cleanliness is its main function, you should also not forget about extras such as luxury and relaxation.

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But What Is the Standard?

If you want to have a standard bathtub, then all you need is the jack-of-all-trades type that is built-in. This is also the type that doubles as a shower. This type of bathtub can be purchased in any home improvement center or local depot.

Alcove Tub

This is also referred to as the recessed tub. It can be installed just like any rectangular tub that sits conveniently in three walls.

If you need to replace the standard bathtub in your home, then be sure to check out the location of the drain. This is how you will determine whether you can go with a right or a left-hand installation that will match the current plumbing system.

Spa or Therapeutic Tubs

These are the types that are there to provide therapeutic massages in the privacy of your home. Whirlpools swirl in these tubs as the water is forced through the jets. Air tubs push a steady and soothing stream of air in the tub filled with water.

These kinds of tubs are more relaxing and they require extra plumbing. The whirlpool tubs are pricier than their air cousins. Both can be customized to fit the size of the bathroom as well as your massaging needs.

Tubs for Soaking

These tubs come with deeper dimensions since they allow the bather to be completely submerged. This can be built into your bathroom structure or it can also be freestanding.

A freestanding tub can stand without additional support. It is an amazing focal point in any bathroom. Just imagine a claw-foot tub regally sitting in the middle of the bathroom. This kind of installation requires a closer installation to the existing plumbing lines so ask the interior designer and a plumber on how you can go about with this option.

Walk-in Tubs

It is no secret that bathtubs can get quite slippery so a walk-in variety is an amazing tub for those with concerns with their mobility.

The Platform Tub

This kind of tub (as its name suggests) is made especially for a platform installation. This is often built right into an enclosure that is adjacent to the shower area. This kind of tub can also be an air or whirlpool tub type.

Bathtub Materials

Acrylic is a kind of plastic that comes with a high-gloss finish. It can be made to look like an enameled cast iron though, of course, it weighs much, much less. Since it is made of plastic material, it is often used to make air and whirlpool tubs.

Composite is an enameled engineered material which is good with heat retention. It offers just a third of the weight of a cast-iron bathtub. Its lighter weight makes it a wonderful choice for second-story bathrooms.

Cultured marble can be compared to quartz surfaces. This material is produced by crushing marble and then setting the powder in resin which is then covered with a gel coat. It is easy to buff out scratches from this kind of material.

Cast iron is the infamous material used in bathtub installations because it lasts for many years and it is a fashionable addition in any bathroom. Its weight is so heavy, though, that you would need a special structural reinforcement in order to have it.

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