Bathroom Vanity – Giving A New Look To This Part Of Your Home


If you are considering a bathroom upgrade, do not take down walls immediately or buy a new bathtub. Sometimes, an upgrade is just worth one bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanities are an effective focal point for that room in your home. Do you notice your eyes being beckoned by the mirror the moment you look at it? Modern bathroom vanities can convey a great first impression on your visitors. This design element can have a good return on your investment since you get to have an upgrade with just one furniture piece.

Look Back In Time

Vanity tables, within many centuries, have been stylized by many master artisans. Most of these pieces have even accented the very eras whence they come from, the most famous of which is the Victorian vanity table which comes with the most intricate details.

Another famous vanity table version is the American vanity table which is mainly produced with mahogany and the curviest cabriole legs. Moving forward to the 1900s, Mission Oak vanity tables came and battled their ornate predecessors. These tables then came with straight lines which were quite new for furniture aficionados.

In the 1920s, the vanity table designs have truly advanced with several movies featuring them. The most beautiful Hollywood vanities (both authentic and repros) can look great in your home. These vanity tables were famous till the 1940s which proved that this new look was endearing to many buyers.

The 1930s showcased the Waterfall Furniture Collection that featured smooth and rounded edges with huge mirrors. Electric lights were then being installed for the first time underneath the mirrors.

Metal vanities also gained recognition especially those that were coupled with wood graining. In the late 40s till 50s, the vanity table styles have changed to incorporate hardwood flooring materials.

Consider These…

Now that you know the rich history of vanity tables, it is now time to find out how large your bathroom is. Taking measurements will give you the power to plan the placement of the vanity as well as to shop for the right size of this kind of table.

If you have a cramped bathroom then, naturally, you have to find a smaller vanity table that will not limit your freedom to move around.

A huge mirror on your vanity table can effectively catch the natural light that comes in through the windows. If you use the vanity this way, you even get to open up more space by creating an illusion of expansiveness.

You do not have to have a large bathroom in order to have a wide array of vanity table options. One of the classic designer tricks is to simply put a hanging mirror atop a pedestal sink. This kind of sink works well since it can offer an illusion of space.

To have extra space instantly installed, hand a decorative fabric all around the sink’s edge then just store extra items underneath.

As soon as you know what vanity table you should buy for your space, you then need to select a theme. The most common options are rustic and modern but you must not be afraid in exploring other options. Art Deco is still a modern theme and so are lacquered wood and elemental stones.

Rustic themes include the farmhouse look, Victorian and shabby chic. There are now literally hundreds of websites and retail stores that can help you pick the right vanity table for your bathroom. Just be sure to consider the appeal of the table to any future interested buyers for your home (if in case you plan on putting your property in the market in a few years). Just remember that you are picking the vanity table to complement the look of your bathroom so be careful in making your choice.

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