Bathroom Renovation Tips on a Low Budget (Link Roundup)

Bathroom Renovation Tips

The first thing that you have probably heard when you asked for advice regarding bathroom renovation is to establish a workable plan and a budget. It is very easy for expenses to get out of hand but this can be controlled if you have come up with a plan that you are willing to follow no matter what happens.   

Developing and sticking to a plan means you will have a smoother task ahead. Also, you reduce unnecessary costs which often come with haphazard planning. So, you now know the importance of planning your budget.

Begin by setting an amount that you are willing to spend. If you need a completely new toilet, go out and compare the different prices. If you are not able to find anything that suits your budget, then it is best to hold the project – at least for now.

If you are on a limited budget, you can begin by renovating a portion of the bathroom first. Once you finish a part, you can wait till you have accumulated ample funds for the next task. There is nothing worse than starting a project and then realizing mid-construction, that you do not have enough money to finish it.

Take one step at a time; after determining the first area that must be remodelled, the next step is to look for the best deals in the market. Check for discount offers online. Most of the time, you can find great deals online which you will not see offline.

With or Without Vanity?

A lot of homeowners feel that a bathroom vanity is a necessity. For them, this is a status symbol that brings in elegance in a bathroom. A lot of things have changed over the years; bathroom vanities are no longer just found in stately homes and spacious bathrooms.  

If you plan to have a vanity in your own bathroom, the market is filled with choices these days which is why it is so easy to find one that is suitable to your budget.

First, consider the bathroom size, this is so you know how big the vanity is going to be. Find the exact measurements. A good rule to remember is to measure two times and to cut only once. Understand the bathroom design and whatever theme that you are trying to create. You would want the vanity to blend well with these.

Contemporary designs are often the least costly. You will observe that the budget will vary as the bathroom size varies. The larger the bathroom, the bigger the vanity space that should be allocated; and, of course, the larger the vanity is going to be.

The materials that were used to build the vanity must also be considered. Do these materials blend with your bathroom’s theme and color scheme?

Your budget need not be exact because this is impossible but you must put a ceiling to it. If you do not know how to compute for the future renovation expenses, it is best to consult an interior designer.

If you have to look for bargains, one of the best spots to go to is your local home improvement shop. There are incredible discounts to be enjoyed there when it comes buying your preferred vanity. There are mass-produced types which cost far less than the antique ones.

And what better bargain shops are there than those that are found on the Internet? There are many sites that offer specially designed vanities that are inexpensive. Sometimes, all you have to do is to improvise if you want to discover different vanities for your home’s bathroom. With a little creativity on your part, you can recreate existing furniture and turn it into a vanity. This entails a great deal of work, though. Again, if you are uncertain, always ask for an interior designer’s advice.

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