Basic 6 Warning Signs That You Need a New Furnace

heater installation

heater installation

Your furnace is not a mystical appliance that will keep on working properly forever, with time it will get damaged and would require instant repair or replacement.

But the real question is, how do you know when you need a new furnace?

That is why we are here to guide you through the top 6 warning signs that you need a new furnace immediately.

If you witness any of such signs in your furnace, you must call a professional service to provide you furnace replacement or new furnace installation if required.

Let’s find out:

1.     Rapid Increase in Your Heating Bills:

One of the most common and noticeable signs of a damaged furnace is a rapid increase in your heating bills. A properly working furnace will not attract more heat and electricity for its functioning and will keep your heating bills low.

However, if your furnace is damaged there is a solid chance that it will attract more heat and demand more electricity which will in return cause a drastic increase in your heating bills.

Hence, if you see your heating bills getting increased over time, then it is time you consider going for furnace replacement or installation.

2.     Your Furnace has met its Life Expectancy:

One thing that you need to consider and ask yourself while contemplating the new furnace installation is the fact that how old is your furnace and whether or not it has met its life expectancy?

The average lifespan for a furnace is said to be around 18 years, hence if your furnace age more than that chances are that it is on its way out.

Instead of wasting your money in trying to repair your old furnace again and again it is better to go for a furnace replacement or simply get a new one installed.

3.     Unusual Sounds out of Your Furnace:

An appliance making unusual sounds is never really a good sign; when it happens you need to prepare yourself to get it repair or if the damage exceeds consider a replacement.

An old and damaged furnace tends to make very unusual sounds when they are near to dying. Some of the sounds could be banging, popping, rattling, or squealing noises coming from your furnace. If you hear the furnace blower running excessively, it is also a sign that it needs to be replaced or you require a new furnace.

4.     Yellow Colored Burner Flame:

Many people don’t know it but yellow-colored flame instead of blue is not a good sign for your furnace. It indicates that something is wrong.

One such possibility of yellow flame could be due to the poisonous carbon monoxide created in your furnace. Since exposure to this gas could be extremely dangerous it means you need to get rid of the old furnace immediately and get a new one installed.

Never try to repair such furnaces because such problems are not likely to be fixed.

Other possible signs of this gas are:

  • Streaks of soot around the furnace
  • Absence of an upward draft in your chimney
  • Excess moisture found on windows, walls, or other cold surfaces
  • Excessive rusting on flue pipes

5.     Your Furnace Demands Frequent Repair:

If you have been putting a lot of your money into getting your furnace repaired again and again then it is time you think stuff through.

A furnace prone to damage frequently is not a furnace you can rely on for a long time.  This means it is aging towards the end of its years and needs to be replaced soon.

You can always call a reliable company to provide you with furnace replacement or new heater installation.

6.     No Response to Thermostat:

Lastly, if you feel like your furnace is showing no response to the thermostat; turning it up doesn’t make the room warmer then chances are that you need to get your furnace fixed or replaced if the damage is too severe.

Getting yourself a new furnace will save a lot of your money and will also make you feel warm and comfortable in your home.

Final Thoughts:

In case you are noticing any of the above-mentioned signs in your furnace, you need to call a professional to provide you with instant furnace replacement and installation.

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