Awesome Custom Gifts For Him And Her

When it comes time to buy gifts for holidays or Christmas, it can be hard to know what people want. Gift cards are impersonal and don’t take a lot of time or thought. As you’re searching for the perfect gift idea, have you considered getting a personalized gift? 

Custom gifts are a great way to show your loved ones that you care about them and their specific interests and needs. Whether you opt for something monogrammed or with their name on it or you decide to go for something featuring their favorite animal or color, when you spend a little extra time thinking about your recipient, your gift will have the “wow” factor you want. 

Giving the gift of something customized is a perfect way to express your admiration for your loved one, and the item will become a symbol of your bond. If you aren’t sure what thing you might want to customize with a favorite photo, check out these ideas for everyone on your list. 

1. Personalized Phone Cases

One of the failsafe gift ideas for any single person is a brand new phone case! While a new smartphone may be at the top of your recipient’s gift list, they will certainly appreciate that you are looking out for the protection of the phone they already have. With smartphones becoming so popular, it’s a safe bet that everyone could use a personalized phone case.  

Teenagers are notoriously hard to shop for, but they probably also have a wide array of interests and places to go that they would like to coordinate their outfit and cellphone design. A custom phone case is a perfect gift because in a world full of black protective cases that all appear the same, giving someone a chance so they can stand out from the crowd will be appreciated.

When a phone accidentally drops, the results can be devastating. A cracked screen can render even the newest phone useless, so having a case to keep it from being damaged is the best way to help prevent these drops and falls. Whoever gets a phone case is going to appreciate a practical gift that also speaks to their personality.  

You can also buy phone cases that are waterproof to protect smartphones from spills or even keep them from being ruined if you get pushed into a pool. Don’t be fooled that because a case has a job to do that it has to look unexciting, a personalized custom case can be stylish and protective all at the same time. 

Did you know that you can get a personalized phone case with a favorite family picture or even a collage on it? Never scroll through your photo albums looking for that one picture you want to show off again when it’s on the back of your giftee’s phone case. Grandparents especially love to show off their photographs but may need a faster way so that you can get the personalized phone case! 

Having your pictures on your phone will also help you distinguish your phone from others at events since people are likely to recognize their family members or favorite spot in the picture with just a glance. It’s unlikely anyone else is going to have that same picture of their children in their case. 

If a phone case with a photograph isn’t the best option for some reason, you can always have a case made that is their favorite color and features their monogram for that personalized touch they will appreciate. Or for something even more exciting, you can get a case engraved, which a sleek look appropriate for business contacts. 

There are a lot of options when it comes to phone cases, and it may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry. It’s straightforward to take phone cases on and off of phones so you can get a variety of personalized cases for all occasions your recipient may have. It takes only a minute to switch cases so you can have a phone case for work and one for going out if that suits your personality.  

Consider getting a bridal party personalized phone cases with their respective role in the wedding on it, so when they go from the salon to brunch and on to the wedding, everyone will know who’s wedding ceremony they’re a part of. Guests and friends will have the wedding’s social media tags handy. 

If you have a gag gift exchange or a need for a white elephant gift, then a personalized phone case is sure to be the hit of the party. Whether you create a funny case with pictures of the latest meme or something more of an inside joke, a custom phone case is undoubtedly the best way to bring a gift that can be funny and still be worthwhile. 

Just because someone already has a phone case doesn’t mean they couldn’t use another to match their prom dress or to support their favorite sports team. A personalized phone case can be as simple as their favorite color or as custom as their favorite animal that says their name on it. The possibilities for phone cases are endless.  

Think about it? No one goes very far without their cell phone, right? So give the gift you know they’ll use and see all the time with a custom personalized phone case. Each personalization is unique since you will create it for everyone individually, so even if they get two other phone cases the same day, they will just have more options.

2. Coffee Lovers Want A Custom Mug or Personalized Photo Tumbler

Anyone who drinks coffee knows that a mug is the best way to drink coffee at home. And what could be a better gift for someone who drinks a hot coffee every morning than a custom mug? Since mugs can be fragile, they are prone to breaking, which means that getting a new custom cup every year or so can be completely useful. 

Don’t feel limited by the idea you have to buy a single personalized coffee cup; you can gift someone a full set of mugs so that when they have company, everyone can have a special mug of their own. Or, if you have a large family, each member can have their custom photo mug that is a part of the same set. 

A photo travel mug can make an excellent teacher gift. Teachers like to drink coffee and to get a personalized coffee mug is a perfect choice for a holiday or end of school year gift. They are moderately priced and can be filled with any number of small goodies to become an even more well-rounded gift . So order your travel mug with personalized photo today or consider bringing a picture coffee travel mug as a hostess gift when your friends have you over. Coffee lovers will appreciate the gesture, but even if your hostess doesn’t drink coffee, often mugs are still useful for those who drink teas, cocoas, and other warm beverages. There are even recipes to make individual chocolate cakes in a mug, so they are a versatile gift. 

Even if a customized mug is not used for warm liquids or food at all, it doesn’t negate their usefulness as a gift. Many people use a cute mug in their favorite color of featuring a great picture as a way to organize their pens and other writing utensils on their desks. Personalized mugs add the perfect touch of whimsy to office space for beverages and beyond. 

The sad truth is that mugs do have a tendency to break, but that only means that they are a gift worth often giving since you don’t want to be without one. Having a great back up mug before you find yourself without one is a great way to ensure you never miss out on your morning coffee. 

A mug can also be a great way to promote a small business with personalizations and logos printed for staff members. Having customized coffee mugs with business logos on hand makes them great options for client thank-yous, and then your logo is out in the world promoting the business too. 

While mugs are an excellent option for drinking warm beverages, they don’t hold the market on customizable coffee dishware. Custom tumblers are great for drinking on the go because they are made from stainless steel, and they won’t break if they are dropped. Tumblers can also be designed custom like a mug! 

Personalized tumblers are also a great way to be environmentally friendly since they will decrease dependency on disposable cups and insulated coffee sleeves. Many establishments offer a discount if you bring your tumbler for them to fill up, so bringing along a custom coffee tumbler will help it not get mistaken at the pickup counter is a great idea. Put your favorite photo on tumbler, and it will bring a smile to your face every day while enjoying your warm or cold drink, so go ahead and flaunt your photo coffee tumbler!

College students especially appreciate custom photo tumbler as gift because they often don’t have a coffee maker in their dorm room and instead rely on the cafeteria to fill up. Tumblers are insulated to keep things warm or cold for long periods, so every drop will be great even if it’s been a while since the beverage was poured. 

College students often are allowed to bring beverages into classrooms and libraries as long as their tumbler can be closed to ward off spills. A customized photo tumbler is a solution to showing some personality while still having the convenience of a beverage. 

Even just putting cold water into your personalized coffee tumbler can be helpful. Plastic water bottles, even when they are recycled, aren’t great for the environment, and the bottle itself can be loud and crinkly, which is annoying to people. Putting water in customized tumbler will keep it cold and look classy at the same time.

If you need a gift for the coaches in your life, a custom tumbler cup is a perfect choice. You already know they’re active individuals and would appreciate having a gift that can come with them wherever they’re headed, so why not opt for a personalized tumbler or personalized travel mugs to make saying thank you even more special?

3. Canvas Photo Prints

With the annual family photos that are so popular these days, a lot of families make the mistake of never actually printing the pictures, and instead, they are letting them live on their phones or a file on their computer until the end of time. Don’t let these gorgeous pictures be forgotten and print some personal custom canvas prints! 

Especially when you want to print in larger sizes printing on canvas is the way to go as it is cheaper and will last longer than traditional prints, which could curl or warp in humidity. Since a picture is printing on a piece of canvas and then stretched over a wooden frame, it will not lose its shape or size unless the wood was to break. 

Canvas prints are an easy way to display cherished family photos without the need for a frame. Because they are available in many sizes, canvases make excellent gifts and can become an annual tradition in gifting the latest group picture. Grandparents, mothers, and friends all will appreciate the canvas of their favorite people. 

There’s a timeless quality to canvas prints too. Because canvases don’t need a frame to be hung, they can go on the wall swiftly and easily. But if you would like a more ornate look to your pictures, they can be framed, but then they still have the benefit of not needing protective glass, which can be a safety hazard for small children. 

Feel free to think outside the box when it comes to canvases, too; there’s no reason you can’t print a favorite inspirational quote or even a funny joke onto a canvas to bring a smile to your recipient. 

If wall space is at a premium, you can always get smaller canvases made that can easily sit on a table or a bookshelf where there is more room to display the memories of your loved ones. You might even start a gift-giving tradition by giving a canvas to the same person every year of the latest updated picture.     

Canvases are also a great way to make big announcements creatively. How fun to unwrap a canvas to announce a pregnancy or that you are going on a surprise family vacation? Anyone will remember opening that canvas for a lifetime, and looking at the canvas for years to come will bring them right back into the moment every time. 

4. Create a Cozy Couch with Custom Photo Blankets

From young to old, who doesn’t like to snuggle up with a cozy blanket? Getting a personalized blankets takes this warm gift idea to the next step. Perhaps they need a photo blanket that to show support to their little athlete at those chilly soccer games. Whatever the reason, when someone wants to stay warm, a picture blanket is a great solution! 

Did you know you can get custom blankets featuring family photographs on them? When you have great memories that you want to have up close and personal, put them on a blanket, so you are never far from that great moment in time. Landscape shots look wonderful on blankets, so take that favorite picture of a sunset at your lakehouse and turn it into the best custom photo blanket ever. 

Whether you want a lap blanket or a full-sized comforter, there are personalized throw blankets available on the market that you can personalize for everyone on your gift list. You could even get your dog a blanket with his picture on it, even dogs like getting presents sometimes. 

Giving a personalized blanket is a great gift for college students who are away from home but still want to feel connected to their family. When you can’t be there to offer them a warm hug yourself, wrapping a custom photo blanket around them will help them feel loved. 

Personalized photo blankets are also a great gift option to celebrate the birth of a new baby, giving a new family members personalized baby blankets, photo collage blanket or monogrammed baby blankets with their name and birthdate on them will make an ordinary blanket turn into a keepsake that will be used for years to come. 

Custom baby blankets are one of the hottest custom item available in the market today.

But your custom picture blankets need somewhere to go. If your couch is faded or has a lot of stains from those accidental food spills, you may need to change the look of your couch completely to have your new custom blanket appear even more awesome. To change the look of your sofa, consider getting sofa Spanx for an updated style. 

Those old lumpy slipcovers that fall off every time you move are a thing of the past. Sofa Spanx is stretchy and with multiple sizes to fit what couch you have in your home. These sleek fitted covers will stay in place and can showcase your personality with a variety of colors and bold patterns. 

You can even change up the look of your living room to match your seasonal decor by using sofa Spanx. If your Halloween decorations would look best on a black sofa, but your Thanksgiving tablescape would look better with a rustic couch in the background, then getting a few SofaSpanx options could be just the solution you need.     

If you have a friend who is constantly redecorating, consider giving her the gift of a new style of couch. While it is hard to buy actual furniture pieces as a gift because of your friend’s changing tastes, SofaSpanx is nearly risk-free since you can opt for a basic design that is a blank slate to show off the custom blanket for the second part of their gift. 

You can also customize your couch with personalized throw pillows featuring favorite quotes, photos, or important dates. For an extremely thoughtful gift, you can opt to give them everything they need for a complete couch makeover with SofaSpanx, a custom blanket, and personalized pillows. 

It can be exciting to coordinate a blanket with their engagement pictures and throw pillows with wedding pictures and their wedding date. Giving someone the gift of a well-thought-out cozy love nest of a love seat is a great way to show your favorite couple how much you celebrate their relationship. 

Imagine the movie nights that will occur on a sofa with a new cover, comfy new personalized blankets, and awesome new throw pillows? Any occasion is a good reason to snuggle up on a couch with a new look! Whether you gift someone a blanket, a pillow, or a couch cover, they will appreciate how much you care for their comfort.

5. Custom Beach Towels

What better way to get ready for those great spring break trips by giving your friends and family a personalized beach towel? Not only will you never lose your spot in the sand again because your towel will stand out from the rest of the fray, but your gift will also become a souvenir of a great trip, and they’ll remember the trip whenever they dry off with the towel in the future. 

Vacations are not the only place where a personalized beach towel is great. No matter what gets put on a towel to have it be easily distinguishable, the ability to not lose a towel is a huge benefit. Swimming lessons, the locker room. Many people who travel frequently opt to have a beach towel with them because they’re thin but still more cozy than hotel towels. 

Practical gifts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the youth heading off to summer camp, a custom beach towel is the only gift they need. No one will mistakenly pack up a towel featuring a pet that isn’t their own, so a personalized towel is the best way to guarantee that every towel will go home with the right camper at the end of the summer. 

Often young children bring beach towels to their classroom to use as a rest mat, and a personalized towel is a great way to have their special stuffed animal friend with them in photograph form. Having a custom towel is fun for people of all ages to celebrate individualism and personal interests. 

If you know, a college student getting them a personalized towel is a fun gift idea since they probably don’t enjoy doing laundry, so having an extra towel option will be appreciated. The personalization of the towel will help it stand out in those dreaded communal bathrooms. 

Custom photo towels make for great gifts for swim teams, both coaches and swimmers alike. Celebrate team unity with everyone sporting a custom towel, having everyone want to be apart of the team to get in on the awesome towel action. 

Towels can be customized with type, photos, monograms, or colors. There’s no limit to what you can design on a towel, and they make a wonderful practical gift that people will love and use for years to come.

A custom gift is the perfect one of a kind present that will wow your recipients. You won’t lose track of which gifts are for during the wrapping process when you order custom gifts. With everything personalized, it will be easy to keep it straight. 

When you are looking for a gift that shows that you care about their interests and you want to give them something that shows you put thought into their gift, getting a custom mug, towel, or other personalized gift is the way to go. 

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