Automatic Garage Door Installation: The Before And after Scenarios

When you are about to take on an automatic garage door installation project and you wish to do it on your own, then do not fret. This is a pretty straightforward task when you strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. There is no absolute procedure in garage door setups but there are basic steps to follow.

To begin, you have to know the basic garage door openers – the chain is driven types, screw driven and the belt driven types. For this purpose, you are going to learn about the chair drive opener installation.

A Word of Caution

Before you set out to install that chain drive opener, make sure that the garage door has been well lubricated. It should be fully functional with the weight of the door supported by the cables, door springs, and pulleys. If you are not able to lower or raise the door using just your hands then this is not the proper time to install your garage door yet. Make sure that the door is repaired before you continue with your installation task.

Never remove the cables, springs or pulleys. If you have not done this before, then it is best to leave it to be serviced by service technicians.

Take away the cords and ropes that are attached to the garage door to make sure that you won’t entangle yourself in them as you work on your project.

Deactivate existing door locks to make sure that they will not engage accidentally while you are at work. Never wear rings, loose clothing or watches while you are servicing your garage door.

Reinforce metal or fiberglass garage doors prior to installing the opener. This prevents damages to the door, also, you are ascertained that the safety reverse system will function.

It’s Time to Install

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the assembly parts. Insert the tube into the power unit then slide the traveler to this tube. Next, mount the idler assembly onto the tube’s end. HaHast placed as specified by the manufacturer?

Link the chain to the traveler then have it looped through the drive sprocket on your power unit. Wound this through your idler assembly then back to the traveler’s other end. Carefully tension the chain.

Next, find the center point of your garage door and install the header bracket at this point. Make sure to install the power unit high above the tallest people that you know, preferably 7 feet above the floor. All garage door openers come with manual disconnect cords. This cord should be adjusted at 6 feet from the floor so that adults are able to reach it.

While the power unit is operating on the floor, connect the idler assembly to the bracket. Has the power unit raised high enough in order to clear the door as it opens? Set it up with a stepladder or any other material that you can use to prop it with.

To install that permanent electrical wiring, be sure to disconnect the main breaker box’s power source prior to working on any wire connection. Connect the power cord to a grounded outlet to keep electrical shocks at bay.

Have the push button control installed at five feet above the garage floor. Adjust the safety reverse system as well as the electric eye system.

Raise the garage door to its full position then adjust the power unit’s height.

After you have successfully installed your garage door, gather the kids in your home and instruct them to never operate the garage opener on their own. Of course, just to be on the safe side, have the radio transmitter located at a place where it is inaccessible to kids.

Kids must also be educated not to pass under the moving garage door. Operate the door only when it is visibly free of obstructions. You see, automatic garage door installation need not be complex!

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