Asian Interior Design – Why It’s Pop And Hot


Asian interior design has become increasingly popular in the Western world. Many of the interior design ideas and furniture arrangements are now being fused with contemporary, western lines. Restaurants, hotels, and condominiums have also shown Asian inspiration in their interiors.

Intricately Chinese

Chinese design and furniture pieces depict bold colors and ornate styles. Red is definitely the dominant color as Chinese tradition dictates that it can bring good luck. Other interior design as well as furniture features use dark wood tones and finishes. These are often complemented with ornate carvings of dragons, horses and other lucky animals.

Simply Japanese

One other Asian-inspired design is the Japanese style. This style leans more on simplicity. You know that you have just entered a Japanese home when you see clean, natural colors, complete with the traditional cushion-like pillows right on the floor.

Japanese design also makes good use of stylish straw floor mats. These inspired designs point to the contemporary world of minimalism.

Practically Indian

Interior design for compact homes in India embraces wood and other rustic-looking elements. The Indians are very proud of their culture so anyone who would want to embrace the authentic Indian interior design must know how to show an exotic elegance in their home.

Frame your walls with Venetian plaster, this will serve as a perfect backdrop for a beautiful Indian textile. Have columns painted in copper then adorned with Moorish stencil designs. Have the remaining walls painted with a gold faux finish.

To complete the look, place throw pillows on strategic locations, put a leather ottoman in the middle then complement with the most lavish surroundings.

General Rules

Creating Asian interior design can be pretty confusing for those who do not know the basic rules. After all, Asia is the world’s biggest continent, naturally, it offers a wide array of ideas.

If you do not want to go wrong, then focus on the design influences offered by China, Japan, Thailand, India and Malaysia. You can create an architectural element on your ceilings then splash out.

When it comes to Asian colors, you need to focus on earth tones, orange hues, cobalt blue and a lot of red. Modern Asian now makes good use of black lacquer complete with red or gold. Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and infuse the you in your project.

Shoji screens are widely used in oriental décor. Use this screen as a wall or as a means to divide a huge room. There are now patterned shoji screens in the market to make this design element look more interesting. You can also hand paint a shoji screen. Choose this over a plain one if you do not want the room to look boring.

If you are thinking of overhauling your entire home, then you have thought of the right design concept as there are many design opportunities to explore here.

Be ingenious and introspective. You are probably used to the straightforward designs of the Western world so get used to intricacies and deep meanings with your Asian design choice. The Asian culture loves to move furniture and other items about believing that this will alter perspectives – and even luck.

Asian design is not all about gold dragons. While these can serve as focal points in a room, to some degree, it is best to explore other design ideas. But if you want the room to scream Asian, then this is a must.

Pertaining to Asian lighting, just make sure that you let in a lot of natural light into your home. This evokes purity and a sense of peace throughout your habitat. Asian interior design is all about being ornate, yet not overly complex, and being exotic. Show off your sculptures and other artworks, bring out those vases and splash the room with the most interesting colors – you would never go wrong this way.

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