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Arcing Fault – What Is It Really?

A lot of people do not completely comprehend arcing fault. Arc faults, though not completely understood or even heard by many, have caused thousands of fires over the years. Records show that there are more than 300 people all over the world who lose their lives because of the fire hazards brought about by faulty electrical circuits. Arc circuits have caused majority of these accidents. Electricians can prevent electrical fires caused by these arc faults through the installation of an arc fault circuit interrupter.

An arc fault can happen where two conductors have high-energy discharges. It is called an arc because electrical currents jump between the wires and they form an arc in the process.

Arcing faults can become extremely hot, hence, they can easily ignite inflammable materials that surround them. This kind of fault is commonly seen by electricians inside damaged wiring and electrical cords. This can occur where pinching or piercing on the wires is found.

As a home or business owner, you need to be careful about the way you staple or nail your extension cords. You must also make sure that the appliance cord is in a secure place so that it will not be easily damaged.

There are certain arcing faults that can also be seen once an electrical inspection has been made. damaged wiring inside walls can also result in arcing faults. Arcing can happen too if the wiring insulation is already too old and deteriorated.

Of Circuit Breakers, GFCIs and ACFIs

A regular circuit breaker is not designed to deter arcing fault. This device cannot stop electrical arcing so that fire won’t start. If you want to have total peace of mind with regard to arcing, then ask an electrician about arc fault circuit interrupters. Also known as AFCIs, these devices are the ones that can offer a higher level of security against arcing faults.

Traditional circuit breakers cut off electrical supply in case short circuit happens or whenever there is an overload. There is no form of resistance offered even when the arcing occurs.

Do not mistake AFCIs with GFCIs or ground fault circuit interrupters also. The former can detect arcs between two wires; it can open a circuit in order to stop the arc from developing. Electric fire can be prevented in the process.

These safety features which you may not recognize can gravely affect the safety of your loved ones. Install these revolutionary devices in your home and you can prevent house fires and electric shocks from happening.

New electrical code asks for electricians to install ACFIs inside the bedrooms of new homes. This circuit in the bedroom should have a circuit breaker. There are also other recommendations for the perfect areas where the circuit breaker must be placed.

The case may be different for older homes that may no longer be up to code. There are also homeowners who are unaware of alterations and code revisions so it is up to professional electricians to educate them about the current requirements. A remodeling project is the perfect time for a homeowner to install ACFIs.

Upgrading an electrical panel is also another chance to have an ACFI installed. If you do not know if you already have ACFIs at home, then get in touch with an electrician right away. Have the devices installed as the wiring can be too complex for the untrained person.

An Important Investment

Together with carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and GFCIs, an ACFI is an important device that every home must have. Arcing fault should never be a problem should this device be installed immediately. These technologies can complement each other and should be used all together to make your home a more secure place.

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