Appliance Repair Technician – Hire The Best With These 5 Hot Tips

There have been many reports of appliance repair service personnel who have taken their sweet, sweet time in responding to clients’ calls for help. Such can be a stressful experience especially when the appliance that has malfunctioned is an important one such as your refrigerator. To veer away from such problems, you need to learn a few tips in finding the right appliance repair technician.

Before you make that major decision of replacing any of your appliances, find out if it is possible to have them fixed. At times, all that an appliance needs is a quick, inexpensive and minor repair and it can already be saved from the dumpster. You also get to save a lot of money as you choose to repair.

Look Around for Referrals

Begin your search for the best appliance repair service specialist by asking some of your friends and family. These people can help you with some phone numbers of local appliance repair technicians.

If you hear a friend recommending a specific technician, then it means that he has already employed the expert once and is satisfied with the service that has been provided. This gives you a higher assurance of good service.

Search Through Different Sources

If there is no available referral from a loved one or word-of-mouth inquiry, then you should start looking through other sources like the Yellow Pages, local newspapers’ classified ads and the Internet.

Describe Your Broken Appliance

As soon as you find a reputable technician’s phone number, give his company a call then tell them about the kind of appliance that needs to be repaired. Do not assume, though, that one technician can repair all types of appliances in your home. If it is your washer that has stopped working, then you need to get in touch with the washer repairman. This same technician may not be the correct expert to call if your refrigerator suddenly stops working.

Once you have spoken with the appliance repair technician over the phone, it is also crucial that you describe the model and brand of the appliance. Sometimes, it could happen that the service company you are calling does not have the spare parts for the  brand that you own. Many times, you are bound to get an affirmative answer but if you don’t then it is best to call another company.

Ask Relevant Questions

Another important part of your call is to inquire about the duration of the repair company in the business. Ask this question politely as should you do once you ask if they have a current insurance to offer. Once they answer to the affirmative, ask also if they have a state license that they could show you. Once you see all these important papers, then it is a lot safer to proceed to the next level of the hiring process.

Once you get a positive response regarding the insurance, state license and such, there is another batch of questions that need to be asked. Start asking the technician, himself, about his professional details. Ask for his papers indicating that he passed drug and alcohol tests as well as background checks. Ask also for his professional portfolio.

Upon learning about the technician’s past projects, get in touch with the listed clients and ask about their level of satisfaction. If the technician comes in as highly recommended, then it’s a go for you and this is also the perfect time to describe the exact problem.

Do Compare Prices

While you are advised to ask for different quotes, you must also not dwell on the prices that much. Remember that the price is just one of the many factors that you need to consider when hiring the best appliance repair technician so reputation and a good portfolio are better aspects to look at than mere price.

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