Aniline Leather Sofa – Why You Should Have One in Your home


When people start talking about leather, you instantly know that these are skins of animals (mostly cattle) that are used for different purposes. Other animals that can give leather are sheep, goats and pigs. There is a huge variety of leather but these can be categorized into –

  • Pigmented or protected – this is the most durable type of leather. While this is so, it is less natural when it comes to its appearance since it has a polymer coating.
  • Semi-aniline – this is between the aniline and pigmented types. It has a light surface coating.
  • Aniline – if you are looking for a natural looking leather then this is your best option. It is the least resistant to stains and it also comes with a natural surface.

If you have a young family and you are looking into buying leather then an aniline sofa should be your primary option. Look closely at the tag on your leather sofa and see what kind of leather you are actually buying. If you cannot find anything that points to this information, then ask a salesperson right away.

Looking at the Technical Aspect

Now that you know the characteristics of the different categories of leather, it is time to see the technical aspect of your chosen material. Aniline leather, since it has a unique surface, is the most natural looking in the bunch. The hide’s characteristics are visible and they become more beautiful as dye is applied on the surface. Light surface coating is often used by furniture makers to enhance the appearance of the sofa, recliner, dining chair, or any other seating unit that they are making. This same coating also helps in protecting your sofa from soiling and spillages.

To be able to identify aniline leather, nothing beats experience and proper training; but with ample patience and care, you should be able to do it, too.

Begin the technical checkup by feeling the leather. Apart from the appearance, the feel of the leather is your next biggest clue. Aniline leather should feel like real skin – it should be flexible and light to the touch. Protected leather feels more like plastic.

See how the creases are distinctly unique because the surface has been filled out with a coating. Of course, the grain pattern is dependent on the type of species that has given off the skin. The part where the skin came from also will dictate the features of the aniline leather on your sofa.

Processing Aniline Leather Sofa

Aniline leather sofa is one of the quality sofas that you can invest in – you know this by now. The dyeing process tints the skin all the way through the bottom part so when you do get a scratch on your sofa, you will find out that the leather underneath is also the same color.

Aniline leather sofas have imperfections that are left there. These make every leather unique, thus, you can never see two leathers that are exactly alike.

An aniline leather sofa is made using full grain leather. It is soaked inside a drum and dyed to perfection. The leather is then utilized in creating the aniline sofa that you are about to invest in.

Aniline leather has a breathable surface and over time, it develops a beautiful patina that your visitors and loved ones are sure to notice. Of course, this can only come with proper care. Any stain will soon be absorbed into your leather sofa and soon, it will not be noticeable anymore.

You will never go wrong with an aniline leather sofa. Beautify your living room with this piece of art without burning a hole in your pocket.

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