If you are out to choose upholstery fabrics, colors and designs; there are a few important things that you must keep in mind. At the very top of the list are children and pets. The rest of your home’s décor is another; with sunlight as the third.

When using the term fabric, this is loosely referred to as an upholstery covering that includes leather. But anyone who has ever owned a leather chair will know that fabrics coverings are different. Also, they further realize the big difference as the cat scratches away their leather furniture. It’s not that the cat willfully wants to irk his owner, it’s just that leather is a great scratching surface for them – don’t ask why!

Dogs and leather furniture also do not agree (maybe the little pet can sense that another animal was killed to produce the material!). These animals tend to attack leather chairs more than those that are covered with an artificial equivalent.

Okay, now that you have been forewarned against the enemies of leather, it is time to learn your options with regard to this elegant piece of upholstery –

American Leather always makes use of top grain leather. Top grain is the term that is used to refer to the upper layer of the animal hide. This spells quality and elegance since it is natural leather with zero stiffness.

Every American Leather sofa frame is made sturdy and encased with premium quality leather. Just point to the color that you want and the kind of protection that you need and you’re good. Would you want your leather furniture to be light, medium or highly protected?

American leather is durable and easy to clean; and here’s an added bonus – it grows ever more beautiful as it ages. If you want to make a stunning investment, go for our leather pieces because they are organic (untreated), and have beautiful character marks such as wrinkles, stretch marks, gaining, and variations in color. These only further prove that you are buying the real deal which is the beauty of Mother Nature herself.

Just take a careful look at the protective finish on every American Leather furniture and you will simply marvel. The more protected it is, the easier it becomes for you to clean up the furniture even after spills.

‘Looking for green sofas? Then environment-friendly leathers are also being offered. These are biodegradable and has zero chrome or chemicals which can harm the environment. 

The American Leather Patterns and Colors

If you want a wide variety of options in terms of color and pattern, then you are right to decide in buying American Leather. A glaring advantage is that you do not have to make do with what you are provided with. With so many fabric choices, you can find a pattern and color that you love and then ask our master artisans to create a perfect recliner or sleeper sofa for you.

Do not be tempted to pick colors that contrast, though. Make sure that the cushions, as well as other accessories, match the upholstery fabric that you have chosen. A red sofa, for instance, can be paired with a lighter, plain red pillow or ones that come in red and white stripes. Pick yellow for the throws and you are on the fashion victim lane!

American Leather understands that you are asking for perfection and so this is what they are willing to give you. The master furniture makers here know about home décor and furniture harmony and the need to stick to the theme. Are 350 fabrics enough for you to choose from? It definitely is, isn’t it?

American Leather fabrics also have a 450-texture and color option. Just imagine how numerous those fabrics are. You can now choose from microfiber fabrics to velvet mohair, even silk.

Each beautiful textile can be used on a sofa, chair, bed or recliner.

Ultrasuede – Yet Another Great Choice

Each frame can also be upholstered in Ultrasuede. This is a fabric that is highly durable because it has microfibers. It also feels incredible because it was made to look like suede.

Ultrasuede® is actually a registered name for American Leather. It represents luxury, non-woven microfiber, beauty and brilliance rolled into one. This is seen as a great alternative to leather because it offers the same level of durability with an equally aesthetically-pleasing look.

Ultrasuede is elegant and also offers a dashing array of fabric colors. It also feels soft on your hand but it is machine washable and dry cleanable. And as if these weren’t great news enough, it is also covered with a limited 10-year warranty so all you have to worry about is how to relax in that sturdy and comfortable chair. Simply put, Ultrasuede does not wear out within this ten-year period.

American Leather furniture won’t fade, is pretty and has a great number of options to offer. What more can you ask for?

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