Top view flat interior plan with lounge two bedrooms bathrooms and furniture vector illustration

Architectural services are all about the architect which is involved in each phase of the work involved in a project. There are many steps to follow in order to provide apt architectural services to the customers seeking such services. The basic services typically which an architect offers include the following:


The architect takes all the notes what the owner states that they want in a particular project. The architect provides all these notes usually in a typed format and this is accompanied with the pictures of the concerned property. There are some discussions on the features of the site and there are several opportunities for the to-be-built items. The concerned architect will necessarily include a site visit to thoroughly understand the site elements and how & where the built structures might be located.

Schematic Design

The concerned architect uses the Program which has been established in the previous phase of work in order to conceptually create a plan or diagram of the proposed project. In the Single Family Residential (SFR) projects, the architects usually combine Design Development with Schematic Design and some architects end up creating a hazy sketch. However, there is no precise right or wrong method in this. Each of the architects has their own preferences about how to go about creating something. Some of the architects restrict themselves to a certain extent for specific projects only like floor planning, site planning, etc. for the SFR projects. However, the ultimate motto of every architect is to efficiently create something out of nothing. The architects also work for the commercial projects and create plans, elevations as well as conceptual building sections.

Architectural flat plan top view with living rooms bathroom kitchen and lounge furniture vector illustration

Design Development

This is an additional detail which is usually being added to the previous Schematic design. The architects usually as an exterior building elevation at this point and a roof plan are being created. There is no such right or wrong. It entirely depends on whatever works for the firm. The additional dimensions are tested to ensure that the different items would fit well into the existing design. Also, few additional dimensions are added to the work, if required. For a commercial project, this phase proves to be one of the detailed ones where the equipment selection is being made and tested to ensure that everything fits in the building in a perfect manner. Also, in this phase, the energy calculations are conducted to test glass, insulation, and several other requirements to ensure that the building will properly function in order to meet the perfect Energy Code.

Construction Documents

This is the phase where the final details are being added to the concerned project. The building sections, sections of the walls, door schedules, finish schedules, index sheets, title sheets, blow-up detailed plan, final graphics, and the elevations of the critical conditions are conducted in this phase. The architect also coordinates with all the building consultants, whether being provided under the architect’s umbrella. For the SFR projects, some architects create certain specifications for the extensive residential projects and the others firmly believe that they are completely essential. The more information that you possess, the lesser will be the chances of pricing changes and unknown conditions. For the commercial projects also, the detailed documents are prepared by the General Contractor and include all the relevant information and details required for building the project.


Apart from the above, there are several other steps included in architectural services like record drawings, electrical schematics, cabinetry elevations, biding, price discussions, and negotiations. For the commercial projects, record drawings; cabinetry; project management and 3D Imagery are included in architectural services.

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