Achieving an Excellent Hospitality Interior Design (Link Roundup)


Majority of hotels, if you noticed, have a general layout which they provide to their guests. While this may give what the guests usually need, the downside is that it can get difficult to evoke the warmth and homely feeling that is often associated with one’s habitat. A hotel owner would be wise to invest in a cozier and homelier interior design so that their guests will feel more at home.

The leading components that hotel owners must consider are economics, functionality, and economics. On the business side, you need to think of a timeless design. You would not want an interior design that will require renovation and maintenance.

Interior Design in the Hospitality Industry

The function of interior design in the hotel industry is just the same. The lobby or guest room layout plus the lighting, color scheme, furniture choices can greatly affect the overall experience of every guest.

Hospitality interior design covers varied venues. It can be used, not just in hotels but also in restaurants and retail shops. Every aspect from the wall color to the floor plan can make a difference in the hotel’s ambiance or tone.

Depending on the tone that businesses want to imply, interior designers may use bright or vibrant colors paired with streamlined furniture and decorative accents. For the more conservative ones, the selection is often around the muted palette where simple wall décor and plush furniture provide feelings of coziness and relaxation.

Lighting must also harmonize with the colors used in interior design. Interior designers are experts when it comes to the types of lighting that can be used with bright colored or subtle schemes.

The rooms with vaulted ceilings can be installed with wall fixtures that direct light upwards. Smaller rooms can make do with an overhead lighting or more intimate corner lamps.

The degree of illumination is just as necessary as the type of lighting used and its placement in the room. Lights with soft glow are more relaxing while colored or vibrant lighting brings about energy and excitement.

Apart from colors and lighting, there are other factors that must also blend with the hotel realm. Furniture choice dictates the function of the room. A unique idea that can be incorporated in hotels is the provision of a hotel library. This is a good way to take the guest experience to a whole new level.

With tablets, laptops and smartphones taking over the world; reading a tangible book is now a luxury for most people – an intelligent luxury if emphasis must be added.

If this room can be created in a hotel, just make sure to put in ample shelves for all the books. Wooden shelves are the classiest of all and investing in them is something that you will never regret.

To ensure that every little detail is met or that you do not overspend, you may need the help of an interior designer. With the guidelines of a set budget, this expert should be able to estimate how much is actually needed and with the excess, even purchase additional materials that can be used to beautify the rooms.

A good interior designer must also be able to come up with an alternative cost scheme in case the original budget does not work. This will serve as your fallback in case your theme and requirements cannot be bought by your budget.

For a bird’s eye view of the freshest hotel interior design ideas, here’s a list –

  • Creative space segmentation, meaning, you must be able to define the intimate and social areas. Multimedia stations can be set and so can large waterfalls by the lobby entrance.
  • Install spa-like bathroom features.
  • Restaurants can also serve as places to exhibit foods that are also works of art.
  • Bring in nature by having glass walls installed so that the indoors will have a good view of the scenic outdoors.

Display local art.

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