How To Ace Your Interior Design Exam (Wednesday Link Roundup)

If you were able to help in designing your bedroom at a young age, then you may have been given a special gift. Your eyes are able to discern which color goes with what and what furniture placement works best in certain areas; being able to define the kind of lighting that functions best in a room means you have a talent for design. Yet talent isn’t the only thing that can catapult you to our successful career in interior design. More than this, you need to study hard and ace your interior design exam in the process.

Taking the Needful Steps

Now that you have decided to become a professional interior designer, know that your design experiences as a kid will not be able to help you. What you need is formal education so you need to start scouting for schools that can help you deal with the more technical stuff. These schools should be able to teach you about your future profession’s history as well as architecture, design, drawing and space planning.

There are also certain professional rules and regulations that you need to become aware of such as handicap access, fire laws, lighting design, sound design and building regulations.

If you currently cannot attend a regular school, then you need to find other ways to finish your degree. The Internet offers a lot of options these days. There are many online degrees that are available, many of which can offer you an accredited education. These are give lectures as well as studio lessons from schools that are within your vicinity. You have the choice to do this if you are still working and when you think that quitting your full-time job is not an option. 


Each student who wants to become a professional interior designer needs to pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification or NCIDQ examination. This is a crucial exam because it can give any student the required credentials to be recognized as a professional designer.

The school where you enrolled in should prepare you for this vital exam. Keep in mind that there are also some qualifications that need to be met before you take this test. Here, the NY general requirements will serve as an example –

First, you must be no less than 21 years old and have a job experience of no less than six years. You must also be of good moral character as you take a step further and submit your completed application form for licensure. There are other forms to complete so be sure to ask the authorities in your state. You also need to pay some fees to start your application process. In the State of New York, the licensure fee for Certified Interior Designers is at $377.

As soon as you have satisfied the educational and licensure application requirements, it’s time to learn some techniques in acing your exam.

This Is It!

There are scientific ways to prepare for your NCIDQ exam. Studying all the things that you have learned is a given. Another tip is to say no to cramming. Study in increments of 20-50 minutes rather than reading all the info all at once. Learning distribution has been scientifically proven to provide long-term retention.

You may not have considered this before but exercising can also help you increase your energy levels and lower your stress. These are both important as you prep for this important exam.

It is also a must to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. If you are taking your exam early in the morning, then be sure that you do not skip breakfast. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables more than carbs-filled goodies.

Acing your interior design exam, as you now know, takes a lot more than studying. So live a healthy lifestyle and be the exemplary interior designer that you would want to be!

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