A Reasonable Supplemental Response To COVID 19 PANDEMIC

Through out the COVID19 pandemic I have been receiving requests as to what vitamins to get and how to administer without going overboard.  In all news outlets and certainly throughout all social media there has been a plethora of what to eat, vitamins to take and oils to inhale to stave off the virus and make you superhuman. 

Unfortunately, there is no one vitamin or magic food.  Also supplements, will help supplement an “at least” good diet.  Low in processed food, low in quantity, and low in fat.  All alone, meaning with a poor diet and no exercise, a supplement will not do much for you. Yes, it is fine to have that chocolate chip cookie, but ONE, singular, not one box!

So which supplements will give you the best protection and support?  Of course, how can you get these delivered easily and at a reasonable cost?

My answer is to maintain coverage using time tested immune support, focused on respiratory system and to aid in stress reduction.  These are supplements I have used for many years with patients and myself.

Sinuplex® (2 per day) is a unique blend of vitamin C, quercetin, stinging nettle root extract, bromelain, and N-acetylcysteine—designed to support healthy respiratory function.

Metagenics Hemp Oil(1 ml per day, measured on dropper) is an organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract which has been shown to support body function and general health, by helping reduce the physical response to anxiety and stress.

Of course, you could choose others, and find other company brands, these are what I use and I am passing that on to our website and Facebook followers.  Ultrapotent C, Zinc AG, and many others will be listed.  They will all have a very plausible reason for you to add to your list.  However, the idea here was to keep it simple and limit the numbers. 

If this has you interested, then this link will get you to our office’s Metagenics store.  You will get a discount and they will ship directly to you.

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