A Complete Guide on Managing Your Household Waste Using Skip Bin

Waste Management

Waste Management

Are you wondering how to deep clean your home? Skip bin hire is an ideal way to dispose of your household waste. They are available in different sizes and is suitable for disposing of all kind of waste material such as household, construction, restaurants and many more. But do you know what size you need, weight restriction? Or how can you ensure you fill it as efficiently as possible? Here is a complete guide on managing your household waste the right way.


You can use a skip for? 

Skip bins are extremely useful and can manage lots of different type and size of household waste. They offer numerous waste disposal services for different projects that generate household waste. Here is a list of 5 home projects that can generate waste and should be managed by the skip bin hire services. 

  • Home improvement
  • Garden improvement
  • Recycling waste after the home clearance
  • New furniture waste
  • Large-scale home renovation

However, you can also get small skips and separate the waste in each bin. It will be a good idea if you produce a variety of non-hazardous waste which contains both recyclable and non-recyclable. You can separate both into each bin. 

  • What can you put in a skip?

The easiest way to understand about skip you can’t put in the bin is the list below. Here are the most common items that can be disposed of in a skip:

  • Organic waste: fruits, vegetables, leaves, kitchen waste
  • Toxic waste: chemical, spray cans, fertilizer, shoe polish, paints, old medicines
  • Recyclable: Glass, paper, metals, plastics 
  • General waste: Light domestic waste, office waste, light construction waste

Hiring companies advise that you keep an eye on your bin if you have put it in an open or public area. As people can put their rubbish or garbage in your skip and it will fill ASAP. If this happens, you will be the one who unfortunately responsible for the waste that is put in the bin.

  • How to choose a reliable company?

Before contacting any skip hire company, you need to check, how much skip space you will need. They come in a wide range of sizes which depends on your use and cubic meterage you need. If you are allowed to gather all items in one skip bin in one spot, then consider grouping them by size and shape. So with the help of the grouping, you can easily decide what will go where and the best use of that space. 

While hiring the skip bin company you can ask different questions such as, 

  • Where will they place the skip?
  • What I can’t load into the skip? 
  • Are you fully licenced? 
  • Are you focused on environmental responsibility?
  • What will be the estimated cost?
  • Will I need any kind of permits?
  • What size I will need for household waste?

Ensure, that if you’re hiring a green waste skip bin they will only take waste like leaves, tree trimmings, weeds, small branches, and bark. 

  • What size you should hire?

The ideal size of skip depends on the amount of household waste and space you have to put it. The larger the bin you select, the cheaper it works out per cubic yard or meter. And, make sure you have enough waste to fill it, else you will end up paying for thin air. Also, take care of your local council, as sometimes you will need permission to put it. 

You can ask for the catalogue which will help choose the most appropriate skip size. Moreover, you can also search online for the guidance of the size. 

  • What will be the estimated cost?

The estimated cost of skip bins depends on the size, geography, and the main thing whether you need a permit or not. A rough price for available Cutters skips starts from $75 for a mini skip bin and up to $370 for the largest one. The current price range in Melbourne depends on the type of service you required. 

  • Does it require a council permit or licence?

If you’re putting the bin on-road rather than on private land, you will need a skip hire permit from the council. You need to organise before the delivery of the skip. Permits can cost you extra and will take a few days to arrange. Some companies organise the permit on behalf of you. Moreover, if you’re putting it in any parking zone, then you will need a parking suspension. In both cases, you will have required permission and will cost you extra money and some days to grant permission. For more information, you can visit your nearest council or check online also. 

  • For how long you can hire them?

The ultimate way to get rid of household waste is by hiring the skip bin. Normally you can hire a skip bin up to 2 weeks. The collection date can be flexible. You can also specify the time of hire, or request a collection at any time. Companies mostly collect the waste within a couple of days after the request. Thus, make sure that you’re giving a reasonable amount of notice. 

Moreover, at the time of hiring ask them if you want to keep the bin for more than 2 weeks. Some companies charge extra for keeping bins for more than 2 weeks or some might agree with no additional cost. You will also need permit permission and parking suspension notice, so you can keep them for a longer time. Take extra permit will charge you extra regardless. 

  • How to organise rubbish thoughtfully?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiring a skip bin for your waste disposal, some items are deemed safe and those that are unsafe and can’t be accepted. The items which are safe and are acceptable include the following, 

  • General household waste like cardboard, books, old toys, and plastics
  • Old furniture like beds, tables, chairs and sofas
  • Construction materials like timber, cement, bricks, tiles, and all kind of metal
  • Office equipment like desks, tables, filing cabinets
  • Green waste like dead plants, weed, old turf, tree stumps and grass and tree clippings.
  • Materials not permitted in cutter bins 

There are some things which are not allowed to cutter into the bins. And this list is different for each company. So, before you hire them ask what type of waste is not allowed in the bin.

  • Paint
  • Chemicals
  • Car tyres
  • Food items
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries


If you’re looking for the skip hire service, you should first know about them properly. Different types of skips are meant for different types of waste. You can hire them whenever you need it to dispose of. Once, you hire it you need to fill it up with waste. After that, the company will send their workers to pick up the waste from the premises. It is the most affordable methods of waste disposal. 

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