9 Important Tips to Clean Outside Windows that Are Unreachable

Clean Outside Windows

Clean Outside Windows

Are you all set to witness the seasonal shift? Filthy windows make your home look gloomy and can restrict the sunshine too, particularly during the winter when it is most-needed to brighten up the insides of your home. We quite get why you absolutely can’t wait to rub them clean before springtime. 

There’s one issue with the difficult-to-reach external frames, though, especially if you are putting up in high-rise condos or apartments. Fret not though, below are a few handy tips on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach otherwise. So, let’s get started!

When you are all set to leave for a window-cleaning mission, it is important to be adequately equipped with the necessary tools to achieve the desired outcome. Although there are plenty of means and window cleaning tools for hard to reach windows, the one that is most suitable in your case would depend purely on the type of cleaning requirement.

For instance, in some cases, you might require a ladder to access the high rise windows while in other cases a mop with a large stick should be able to do the job with you standing on the ground holding it. Some of the popular equipment that you may require are: 

  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Good quality squeegee
  • Scrubbing pads – preferably nylon 
  • Extension ladder (for high-rise buildings)
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Lint cloth
  • Special brushes to clean window tracks
  • Long-handled brush with attached hose

Ways to access windows for cleaning

One of the most important questions that the people residing in high-rise apartments have in their mind’s how to clean windows that you can’t reach?Well, the answer is quite simple. You’ll need the support of certain equipment to get  there. Once the accessing problem is addressed, the rest will fall in place within no time. Here are the two indispensable tools that will adequately resolve the assessment issue for cleaning outside windows that are hard to reach.

1- Using a Ladder

cleaning using ladder

A lot of people fear ladders and rightly so, especially when it comes to window cleaning operations involving high-rise buildings. It is difficult to have to work at any height for a long time without any safety harnesses. 

However, if you are confident enough to use it, ensure that it is in perfect condition and working order. Also, when the weather outside seems bad such as heavy rain, constant lightning, or snow, hailstorms, avoid the usage at any cost. Besides, refrain from climbing a ladder set on rough terrain. If you can reach a window and clean it while sitting on a table, it will be much easier and safer that way.

2- Using a Wiper Cleaner

cleaning using wiper cleaner

While searching for ways about how to clean outside windows apartmentit is hard to miss the most popular and effective wiper-cleaning tool specially made to access high-rise buildings. The equipment is like the standard wiper that you normally use in your washroom or to clean the terrace; it’s only that this one comes with an elongated stick and sometimes a hose integrated. If your window is not placed way too high, you can use this wiper to clean it while standing at the base.

3- Windows Cleaning Kit

windows cleaning kit

The quickest and yet the simplest way to cleanse out your apartment windows is to simply get yourself a full-fledged window washing kit. It spares you from the research on how to clean outside windows and straightaway getting access to all that you need to get started. The kit content might not be too premium; nevertheless, it’s a fantastic option for those who want to get started ASAP but don’t have time or energy to first study hard to reach window cleaners and then buy available devices separately.

4- Window Vacuum Cleaner

window vacuum cleaner

Window vacuum cleaners simply referred to as window vacs are specially designed to squeeze all the dirt, dust and fine particles stuck on your window and its frames imparting a streak-less finish. They’re beneficial in clearing moisture from windows too.

5- Extendable Window Cleaner

extendable window cleaner

Extendable window cleaner is an excellent product that enables you to clean the windows from the safety of your apartment instead of dangerously hanging out. All thanks to the extendable twist and lock handle fitted with the rubber blade on one side and foam sponge on the other side. It may also help you reach some pesky areas of your windows that might not be accessible otherwise, ensuring a successful 360-degree clean-out operation.

6- Magnetic Window Cleaner

magnetic window cleaner

Some of the areas might be beyond the access of your Extendable window cleaner too, that’s when window cleaning tools for hard to reach windows come into the picture; They are an indispensable part of every windows cleaning kit. A Magnetic window cleaner is one such equipment. It is a clever cleaning device, which is one of the most secure ways to scour both sides of the windows that are broader than your arm’s length concurrently without having a need to go outside.

7- Using a Mop Having a Large Stick

cleaning using mop with large stick

It is another tool that is usually an integral part of a window cleaning kit. A mop with a stick is instrumental in reaching and scrubbing high-rise apartment windows – in short, a perfect answer to how to clean outside windows you can’t reach.

8- Tech Products for High-Rise Windows Cleaning

tech products to clean windows

For tech-savvy people, there are several high-end products available too that can make your cleaning outside windows operation extremely easy and secure. Water-fed poles are the next generation smart solutions for window cleaning, which are not only light-weight but easier to operate too.

9- By Hiring a Cleaning Professional by Window Cleaner Company

window cleaning professional

Bothered about how to clean hard to reach windows but don’t have adequate time or requisite fitness level to try any of the above-listed tools? Your next best option is to recruit a specialist to do the job on your behalf. The trick is finding a reputable window cleaning service provider that suits your budget too. 

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