8 Tips to Make Home Cleaning Fun for Kids

Home Cleaning Fun for Kids

Home Cleaning Fun for Kids

Every parent wants to teach their child the importance of cleaning, but very few actually become successful. It is very hard to get kids to do their chores, so what can you do to make it a fun activity for them? Have you ever thought that if you bring some creativity and fun into the regular cleaning chores, then your kids may develop an interest in them? It won’t be long before your kids become too enthusiastic about doing their cleaning chores, and you will be able to relax instead of running after them all the time. So, here are some amazing tips that will help you make cleaning a fun activity for your kids.

1- Set-up Competitions

Cleaning a room becomes fun for a kid when you set up healthy competitions between your kids. Imagine that you have the floor full of toys and want it cleaned; what can be done here? Just bring empty buckets and tell your kids that there is a competition going on. The one who will collect more toys in less time will be the winner. Here you can also introduce a reward for the winner, and your floor will be cleaned in no time. 

2- Use Checklists

If you think that kids can clean a room on their own without any supervision that is not possible. And if you don’t have time to supervise, you can make use of checklists. These checklists will help your kid in finding out what has been done and what more needs to be done. You can introduce a reward for completing the checklist as well. 

3- Introduce Music

The introduction of music during cleaning activities might keep your kids interested in cleaning. You can either use a proper sound system or gift your kids Ipods or other gadgets as a reward for cleaning. The best thing is that you will only have to buy these gadgets once, and your kids can use them daily while house cleaning

4- Play Hide and Seek During Clean-up

Hide and seek is a very famous game among children, and you can use it for your benefit here as well. You can hide specific things in your house where clean-up is required. These things can be either related to your children or can be their reward for clean-up. Make sure to hide these things in the areas where deep cleaning is required, and tell your kids that the only way to find out the items is to clean the area properly. In that way, you will get your house cleaned within no time, and it will be highly exciting for your kids as well.

5- Pick Up the Cards Game

Another activity that can be very interesting for the kids can be the Pick Up the Cards game. Write all the house chores and cleaning activities like dusting, vacuuming, dishwashing, etc., on the cards and mix them. Ask your kids to pick one card each and do the activity that’s written on their card. You can set up a time limit or can also reward your children for completing the activity.

6- Use Sorting Technique

Having kids is tough, especially when they create chaos around the house. Sorting things can be very hectic for a parent and will take a lot of time. However, introducing a sorting game between the kids can be interesting and make things easy for you. Whenever you see your kids making a mess of things, introduce this game and tell your kids to place back everything to where they belong. Furthermore, you can also pick everything and put it in one big basket when your kids are at school. Once they come back from school, the first thing they will do will be to pick their items from the basket. In this way, things will get sorted easily. 

7- Divide and Complete

Apart from introducing competitions and cleaning games, the best way to clean a house is to divide the task and complete it on time. You can also take part in cleaning along with your children. When a large group is formed, you will have your house cleaned in no time at all. Furthermore, taking part in cleaning and playing it the same way as your kids will strengthen your bond as a family. You will get more time with your kids to enjoy and ultimately see your house getting properly cleaned. 

8- Prepare a Weekly Schedule

It is very important to prepare a weekly schedule for cleaning activities. If you want to keep your house neat and clean all the time, you can decide on one game for each day. The introduction of a new game each day will keep your kids interested in cleaning, and it will be beneficial for you as well. The tips mentioned above are some typical yet interesting ways to develop an interest in cleaning chores for your kids. You can use some or all of these techniques and see the results yourself. 

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