8 Reasons to Invest in The Design of Your Business Website

Design Your Professional Website

Design Your Professional Website

Web design is one of the main elements to take into account when creating or redesigning your website. Indeed, it is the bearer of the image of your brand, and of your company. It is the vehicle of the famous “first impression”.

A bad web design can very quickly be interpreted as a lack of professionalism on the part of your visitors, who will probably not even bother to read your content or to contact you.

We are going to present 8 good reasons to prioritize web design in your website project.

For the design of your website design, you have 2 options: manage everything internally if you have the time and skills required, or call on a professional web designer. We will present these two options to you in the second part of the article.

8 Reasons to Improve The Design of Your Professional Website

# 1 A Beautiful Website design spurs action

A well-designed website is in itself a real CTA (Call-to-action).

Your web design should invite your visitors to contact you, to come and meet you, to subscribe to your newsletters, or to subscribe to your offers.

Your web design is an integral part of your business strategy and allows you to increase your turnover. To do this, your Web design must highlight your CTAs by:

  • A strategic location, very visible or easy to find
  • Impactful words
  • Strong images capable of supporting your main message on their own
  • A sense of urgency and exclusivity

To evaluate the performance of your CTAs, you can use data collected by Google Analytics and scrutinize the behavior of your visitors on your website. You will quickly see if your CTAs are successful, or if they need to be improved, and put more forward.

# 2 Web Design Sells

To help you grow your business, and improve your business performance, having an attractive design for your website is something to consider. For many businesses, the design of their website is the only thing that sets them apart from their competition.

Design can significantly improve your sales, profits, and revenue by showcasing your products and/or services, as well as your CTAs, and making it easy to find the information you want on your different pages.

All businesses need to differentiate themselves. This is all the more the case for entrepreneurs and VSEs who generally have to stand out from the many other local entrepreneurs who provide services identical to theirs. It is not necessarily only your offers that differentiate you from your competitors, but also your presence on the web, and the image your site conveys.

# 3 First Impressions are Related To Design

Your website is the first image your prospects see of you. Before calling you or visiting your store, they will probably go on the internet, if only to find your contact details. Before traveling or making contact, your prospects will also consult your offers to ensure that your products and/or services meet their needs.

They will already have the first idea of ​​your possible skills and professionalism through the appearance of your website.

The latter must therefore reflect your values, inspire confidence in your visitors and be easy to understand. Even if only certain aspects of your site are not completely finished, it can quickly leave the wrong impression on your visitors, who can instantly stop browsing your website with a few imperfections.

# 4 You must make a good impression in less than a second

With a poorly designed website, your bounce rate (that is, the percentage of people who go back and exit your site on the first page visited) will be high. Getting traffic to your site is one thing, keeping and captivating your audience is another. The advantage of attracting visitors is to encourage them to stay on your site as long as possible, and to allow them to navigate from page to page within your site without leaving it.

It takes on average 50 milliseconds for visitors to judge your site and decide to click “back” or, on the contrary, to view your pages.

By using Google Analytics, you will be informed about your bounce rate, and you can take action accordingly. Search engines take into account the bounce rate of websites to reference them, or not, in their search results. Too high a bounce rate can drastically affect your SEO (i.e. your natural referencing).

# 5 It builds trust with your audience

Generally speaking, people don’t trust poorly designed websites. In case they are battling to discover what they are searching for, or the data got isn’t cutting-edge, they surely will not face the challenge of reaching you or purchasing anything from you.

The simple bad appearance and/or a bad structure of your site can inspire mistrust in your business.

With competition increasingly present on the web, visitors have a choice, and will instinctively go to your competitors if their sites are more successful than yours.

They will also give more credibility to the content of your web pages if they feel confident, and you will thus better retain your readers with a modern, ergonomic and pleasant design.

# 6 A good web design makes mobile browsing possible

The user experience is at the center of concerns when designing a web design. This experience is precisely not the same depending on the medium that users use to browse the Internet.

It is therefore essential that your site can be opened in all browsers from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. But the user experience must also be as pleasant on a computer as on a mobile device.

Moreover, more and more Internet users are using their phones to search the Internet, to such an extent that this use has surpassed that of browsing from a computer. Especially since a customer who wishes to call you can do so by clicking directly on your phone number if he searches from his mobile phone.

You must therefore ensure that your design is compatible with smartphones, that your site is perfectly readable and easy to use with a touch screen, without the need to constantly zoom in and out.

Ideally, your site should have a design specifically dedicated to mobile navigation, rather than just scaling down the classic version of your site. This will ensure that the mobile version of your site is working properly.

# 7 Your competitors take care of their web design

Your competitors use web design to attract and retain their visitors. You must therefore do the same to stay in the race.

To stand out from your competition, it is important to stay on the lookout for new web designs. Your website should perform just as well as those of your competition, if not better than theirs. Otherwise, you risk seeing your potential customers leave your site too quickly to go to those of the competition.

When your products or services and your prices are equivalent to those of your competitors, having a website with an impeccable design can make all the difference in instilling confidence in your prospects. Take advantage of your web design to highlight your know-how, and/or your values, and anything that represents a competitive advantage.

# 8 A good web design creates consistency

To develop your brand and its image, you need to be easily identified by your target.

Web design must therefore be consistent with your products and your graphic charter in order to be instantly recognizable. The fonts, styles, colors, and layout of all your pages should mirror each other.

Mismatched pages will mar the professional look of your website. By paying attention to consistency on your website, you strengthen the trust your visitors place in you, and you make it easier for them to take action or buy.

2 Options to Enhance the design of your website

Option # 1 – Get support from a freelance designer

Designing an effective web design requires graphic design and development skills, as well as considerable time to create and/or improve the look of your website.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge and time internally, you can choose to be accompanied or to delegate the conception of your web design to a freelance expert in this field or hire a website design company.

Going through a freelance web designer has a few advantages. First of all, he obviously has the skills to create a design that meets your expectations. He will be able to respect your specifications and guide you in certain design choices in order to make them consistent with your business and your needs.

Then, he will devote the time necessary to the design of your site and will be focused on achieving your goals in terms of design creation and meeting deadlines.

Finally, a freelance designer will use the most modern design creation tools to give your site a professional and modern look.

To easily find a web designer and/or a freelance illustrator, platforms like Fiverr are full of freelance professionals ready to take charge of the creation of your graphics or the entire design of your website.

Option # 2 – Create and improve your website design yourself

If, on the contrary, you have the required skills and time, as well as a sufficient sense of design, you can embark on creating your own web design yourself.

To do this, keep in mind some valuable tips for the design of your web design:

  • Don’t be too ambitious, and focus your efforts on what you really need, and what you are capable of doing perfectly.
  • Choose a simple, clean, and intuitive design
  • Be inspired by your competitors, and sites whose ergonomics and appearance appeal to you
  • Prepare your content before creating your design, and your CTAs, and prioritize them to define the structure of your site.
  • Choose colors that are reminiscent of your graphic design, and choose their exact opposite on the color wheel as secondary colors to create contrast.
  • Keep in mind that the user experience should be pleasant and easy. Your visitors should navigate smoothly and intuitively on all the pages of your site.
  • Adopt original typography, and readable so that your visitors have quick access to all the written information

By applying these tips, you should be able to create a design that reflects your business, while showcasing your product or service offerings.

Do not hesitate to take professional training in order to be autonomous with web design tools if this is not already the case, and rely on your research and your imagination to create a unique and easily recognizable website.

The considerable time dedicated to the conception of your web design will only be profitable if you manage to obtain a result which surpasses your direct competitors and which attracts and inspires confidence in your target.

Now it’s up to you to imagine your web design, and try to create it, or choose a web designer that meets your ambitions.

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