Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

Making It Look Good

Description: When getting your home appraised for its value, to establish equity, or to sell, staging it to make it look its best is an intelligent and worthwhile undertaking. If you want to make your home look great, we have a few staging ideas you can DIY.

Staging your home is typical when making it look incredible for appraisal or when attempting to sell it. To get the best price, your home has to look like it is worth every penny of its value. And, while it seems deceptive, staging is nothing more than making it look its best.

If you are still confused, then think of it like pulling your mechanic out of the oil and grime, cleaning him up, giving him an expensive haircut, and dressing him in a tuxedo. He’s a whole different person, right? Wrong. He is still the same person, with all the same admirable qualities. He just has a distinct look that makes him stand out.

That is what staging does. It gives your home its best look to deliver a prescribed reaction. And if you don’t think these are standard practices, look at any model home. They are decked out in nice furniture, artwork, and even some smart kitchen appliances that give the house a look of sophistication. That is what staging is all about.

Staging Ideas That Work

The list of things you can do without professional help is extensive, from changing some dated home furnishings to entertaining some exterior window trim ideas. Here are a few home improvement ideas that will make your place look amazing:

  1. Scented Candles

Did you know that realtors will back fresh cookies to inspire potential visitors to give their listing a grander sense of home? Memory is attached to many senses but none more strongly as smell. If your home smells sweet with the essence of lovely flowers, peaceful scents like sandalwood, or even chocolate chip cookies, it makes an impression.

  • A Splash of Color

Make the room pop, and the eyes will want more. Color sets the stage in the ballet of the mind, it alters the mood of the space and gives personality and tone that is distinctive. If you want to appeal to a broad group, or even just to one person, picking the right colors is the best way to do it. Many home interior styles depend on this.

  • Shaping a Lifestyle

There is a cliché that people should dress for the job they want. The same applies to home design. People are more likely to make the right home choice if they see the right accessories and décor to translate to their decorative ideas. Figure out a good niche, and make magic happen.

  • Lighting Matters

As a home essential to anyone, lighting is crucial. Why do you think people like large windows? Why, natural light, of course. But if you don’t have large windows, you have to make do with interior lighting, and changing a few fixtures will do the job nicely. Just make sure the lights are white, not yellow, and the fixtures look fantastic.

  • Resolve to Minimize

Home is where the heart is, but the mind is a different story. If the home is cluttered, the mind retreats to a safe place of order, where chaos is not allowed to visit. A minimized space gives the potential buyer or appraiser a look into your world, your level of respect for the area, and how much you care about the home, not just the stuff within.

  • Master the Bedroom

Three spaces tell a person they have made the right choice: the kitchen, the backyard, and the master bedroom/ master bathroom. If you can make those three areas specifically look incredible, it goes a long way, but for couples, having a well-tailored master suite can sell the rest of the house by itself.

  • Floor Them

Budget-friendly flooring is a terrific way to enhance the space, make it seem more extensive, and eliminates certain smells and allergens. Carpet is going away in most homes because, no matter how clean it looks, it is still filthy. On the other hand, laminate wood is economical, easy to install, and incredibly easy to keep clean. And who doesn’t love wood flooring?

  • Neglect Nothing

A bunch of poorly stored items under a cabinet or a garage filled with old and dirty things that haven’t been given to charity or taken to the dump might be the home for you, but it is not a way to increase your home value. These neglected areas will do quite the opposite. If it has a door, someone will open it. Clean everywhere!


Not one item on this list is out of the purview of a serious homeowner who wants to get the best value they can for their residence. And there are so many more little adjustments that make monumental impacts. You just have to have the desire to do it. It is your home, so it is your responsibility. Have you ever staged a home for sale or appraisal?

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