7 Tips for Warming Up Your Home Without Switching a Heat Tumbler


Description: While winters might be fun, it can take a severe toll on your power bills if you make using a central heating system. Here are some tips on how to warm up a room without a heater!

It is that time of the year again where you have to dread getting out of your warm bed and blankets in the morning and walk towards your car that will simply not heat up fast enough. In fact, the cold is so severe in some places that the locals consider moving to somewhere warmer temporarily. The dark and cold months can be quite tricky to plow through, especially if your heating expenses are reaching a new high. Since the holiday season is the most expensive time of the year, the huge utility bill does not help in comfort.

Luckily, there are quite some tips that can help any home maker maintain the warmth of your room without turning on the heat. If you want to know how to warm up a room without a heater. We’ve prepared some great tips:

1.  Reverse The Direction Of The Ceiling Fan

Typically, ceilings fans create a cooling breeze during the hot summer months. The blades of the fan make a rotation in an anti-clockwise motion to push the air downwards. This way, the warm air rises, and the breeze keeps moving in constant motion.

You can make use of this concept during the winters as well. However, you will first have to modify the blades motion to rotate clockwise. This way, the warm air will easily circulate. However, you need to remember that the ceiling fan will not raise the temperature; it will simply redistribute air for more comfort.

2.  Go For Warmer Bedding

If you want to battle the cold season most effectively without making use of your house’s central heating system, there are several cheap ways to heat a room. One of the most straightforward solutions is getting warmer bedding, which becomes a must-do rather than an option when the time comes. When you walk down the street, the more layer of clothing means more warmth; a similar logic can be applied to your bed. Layers of thick bedding will offer you the same level of results.

 Ideally, you can make use of sheets that are made of flannel, as they offer the most comfort and warmth. Additionally, make sure that you get thicker duvet, which will give warmth to your body when you are sleeping comfortably on your bed.

3.  Fixing A Thick, Warm Carpet

You have to admit it; you tend to feel annoyed when you wake up on a cold winter morning and place your feet on the cold floor. If you want to know how to stay warm without heat, you must invest in a good fluffy carpet. Additionally, if your room is fully tiled, you must purchase a carpet soon.

Thing is, wooden floors are not better options since wood is not a fantastic insulator of heat, and your wooden floor will certainly be cold. A carpet will ensure that your feet will trap the heat since it is an excellent heat insulator. However, when you are out in the market looking for a carpet, make sure that you consider a buying guide to get an idea on the carpet’s depth, type of fiber used, size, etc. Wool is regarded as the best choice for winters.

4.  Cover Your Windows

It has been proven scientifically that outside temperature can be transferred through the glass. Cold from outside can quickly enter your room via the windows. If you want to know how to keep a room warm at night, you need to cover your windows with heavy curtains.

These curtains will keep your room insulated as well. While you are on time, ensure that you opt for brightly colored curtains that will provide a happy aura and remove all the gloominess that the cold season usually brings.

5.  Look Out For Gaps In Your Windows

Before the winter kicks in, you’ll need to check whether windows can be closed properly. If there are gaps in the windows, the hot air in your room will move out while the chilly air will start slipping in, thereby leaving you very cold.

You can make use of a draft detector that can help you do checks for air movements in your windows. Even if you manage to find any, they are quite simple to fix and repair. If you have windows with absolutely no gaps, this means that the warm air cannot escape, and your room will remain comfortable.

6.  Open Up Your House For The Sunshine

While you may have to keep the curtains closed in order to prevent heat from escaping, you need to open them up when there is ample sunshine. During the winter, there are those rare opportunities when the sun comes up, and everyone moves out to enjoy and get rejuvenated by the sun rays.

When such an occurrence takes place, you need to allow the sun rays to enter your house as much as you can. This will create some warmth, as well. While the sun sets, you can close down your curtains in order to prevent the heat from escaping. Additionally, sunlight also makes your room brighter, which can potentially improve the mood. This is one of the best ways if you want to know how to keep the house warm and cozy in the cold season.

7.  Always Wear A Pair Of Socks

With everything that you can do to your house, there is a straightforward tip that you need to remember – always wear a pair of socks. If your feet are warm, you will sleep better. You can also don a warm headwear that will keep your head cozy and warm. In seasons like this, you should try out every method that will provide you with warmth.


With the help of the tips mentioned above, you should be able to make your room warmer in winter without the use of any external heating appliance. It is quite understandable that using these devices tend to stack up on your power bills. With the help of these methods, you should be able to regain the warmth of your room/house without spending a lot on your power bills.

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