6 Simple and Important Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers

Home Inspection Checklist

If you want to sell your house right away, you have to physically prepare it for inspection whether by the buyer or a real estate agent that can help you put it on the market. Once picked as the inspection, everything else will go smoothly when it comes to the sale. This is why you have to take note of a few factors before talking to any potential agent or buyer in the future.

The Value of Home Inspection

Home inspection is not just about adding a fresh coat of paint or redecorating your property. It is about increasing the overall value of your home through making the necessary repairs and renovations on the walls and original foundations of your building. This is why you would have to take note of these parts of the house before hiring your inspector.

Here is a checklist that you need to take note of prior to inspection.

The Foundation

You have to make sure that the foundation of your house is still strong enough to hold the framework of your building. Note that this foundation can erode over time so you have to make the necessary replacements as soon as possible if you are planning to sell the house.

The Roof

Make sure that there are no holes in the roofs that might let rainwater in. Water damage can significantly lower the value of your home in the market so you have to be very careful about your roof condition.

The Attic and Basements

More often than not, the attic along with the basement is the most neglected part of the house. Make sure that you and know all the clutter and dust that has accumulated in this particular space over the years so that you may be able to pass inspection with flying colors. You should also watch out for molds in this part of the house.


The exterior paint condition is also an important factor that you need to consider when preparing for inspection. This is the first thing that people will see once they pass by your house. If you’re selling it, changing the paint color and coat will go a long way in attracting customers to buy your house.

The Plumbing and Water Fixtures

Make sure that all your water fixtures and plumbing lines are in good condition prior to the inspection. Having rusty pipes could be a health hazard for the new owners so you have to be very careful about maintaining these particular parts of the house.

You should also make sure that the waterline remains working so that the supply isn’t cut off.

Electrical Wiring and Appliances

You should make sure that all electrical wirings inside the house are in top condition. Loose wires and electrical connections can lead to fire hazards which can lower the value of your home significantly. If you can, replace old appliances right away. This will keep your house say from foreign bacteria due to rust and mold from your old appliances and wires.


These are just some of the many considerations that the need to make when preparing your house for inspection. It would also help you to be there during the home inspection so that you may be able to address the inspector’s questions regarding your property while surveying the place.

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