6 Recycled Furniture Items You Can Add to Your Home Patio

6 Recycled Furniture Items You Can Add to Your Home Patio

6 Recycled Furniture Items You Can Add to Your Home Patio

When it comes to designing your home patio, you should strive to make it as unique and eclectic as possible. Now, more than ever, you can build the home of your dreams. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to live in a minimalist cabin; instead, you can enjoy all of the conveniences of your indoor living on your outside property. Here is a list of 6 recycled furniture items that will give character to any patio setting you choose.


A pot planter is one of the simplest recycled furniture additions you can make. This is a fantastic option if you’re trying to include plants in your house or if you enjoy having plants on your patio. It’s especially wonderful because there are so many alternatives – various pot shapes, colors, and flowers. Convert old patio chairs into planters by utilizing the seat frame to support baskets or pots of plants. Even better, you can repurpose your old outdoor coffee table into a planter, filling it with flowers, plants, vegetables, or even grass to rest your feet on. Additionally, you can create a gorgeous table arrangement on your patio using two or more circular pots. This is an excellent idea because it blends seamlessly into the general decor of any outdoor space. Simply adhere them to the wall for a rustic look that incorporates outdoor décor with potted plants.

Additionally, you can make Bridge Planters. Bridge Planters are ideal for enclosing areas surrounding patios and other outdoor spaces that have border gaps. These huge screens provide small pockets of privacy without the use of nails, screws, locks, or clips that are required to secure traditional enclosures. Additionally, they are highly aesthetically beautiful and contribute to the vitality of otherwise dead locations!

Swings for Outdoors

Remove the legs from an old chair and secure planks or the original legs beneath the seat to make a solid base. Holes are drilled in the base, thread a strong rope through the holes, and swing the chair from a branch or your porch for an outside swing. You might even take it a step further by converting an old outdoor patio couch into a porch swing. Simply ensure that your swing is secure to avoid any mishaps.

Photo Frames

Consider repurposing your old patio chairs as photo frames for a unique way to spice up your walls. The backs of your old chairs can be repurposed as photo frames depending on their size. Additionally, if your old patio chairs are large, consider framing large artworks or posters with them.

Beds for Pets

You can repurpose outdated patio furniture to create conventional, luxury beds. Make a headboard out of the back of a chair and bedposts out of the legs. Alternatively, construct a four-poster bed using four-chair or table legs.

Stands for beverages

If your outside patio space is insufficient for a bar, repurpose your old patio furniture as drink stands. Instead of plant containers, you may insert buckets full of ice and drinks in the seat frame. To learn more about this do-it-yourself project, visit https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/15-doable-designs-for-diy-outdoor-furniture-52116.


The table is an excellent place to gather with friends and family for a variety of activities. You can set up a coffee or tea service, play games, or eat at the table. Adding an elegant table to your outdoor patio would enhance it. To begin, place a circular piece of transparent glass over an oil drum and secure it with caps on both ends. Then, to keep the oil drum from rusting, paint it with outdoor-grade paint. Before placing your table over your fire pit, attach two handles to the side of the table and secure them tightly so that you can easily pull the table away when you’re not cooking. You may also purchase recycled plastic tables from a variety of recycled plastic outdoor furniture manufacturers. As we confront rising challenges with sustainability and pollution, we have a responsibility to contribute in the best manner possible. Choosing the appropriate recycled plastic furniture to construct your ideal outdoor furniture setup is one way to contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. Thus, having recycled plastic outdoor furniture or DIY projects benefits not only your family’s home but also the environment. Additionally, you are helping to save the world – one piece of patio furniture at a time. While manufacturing outdoor furniture from wood or steel harms the environment, the same cannot be said for recycled plastic. Therefore, if you are a proponent of nature, this is your greatest option.

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