6 Kitchen Island Décor Ideas (Important Link Roundup)

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The peninsula or more popularly known as the kitchen island is at the very heart of a home. This is the family’s hub, it is where loved ones and friends gather to cook or even to eat. Since it sits at the very center of every household, it is – without a doubt – an important feature that can add personality to the kitchen.

There are different ways to dress up your kitchen island. Here are some tips –

Add Color

If you’re considering to expand your color palette yet you’re hesitating to make the big jump, then you can just repaint your kitchen island countertop.

Repainting adds a different level of drama without actually shrinking or expanding the space that much. You can also pair the island with bar stools in contrasting colors. A marble countertop would do well with black or any dark-colored seating unit while the granite one could use white bar stools.

An awesome DIY finish must have solid sanding, degreasing, and cleaning. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, then you can even add a coat or two of paint. Expect to spend about $200 as you add the paint, cleanup, and labor costs.

Wainscoting or Molding

If you have a bulky island, think of classic wainscoting. This is the most suitable style for cottage-inspired kitchens. It can also transition to a contemporary or modern kitchen. Add textures or geometric patterns for a lovelier and more interesting peninsula.

One other way to create a furniture-like look is to install molding on your kitchen island’s faces. This should give your kitchen an elegant look. This is an awesome long-term investment.

Install Mirrors

If you want the kitchen island to be separated from the rest of the design, then install a mirror on it. Mirrored fronts will lighten the whole kitchen’s look. It tends to make those cabinets vanish. The floors would even look endless as you properly install the mirrored fronts.

For a more traditional charm, find a glass with vintage finish. You can also create this by using spreading glass paint with your splatter brush.

A glass specialist can do this job for you with a few hundred dollars. If you want a DIY project, then use frameless mirror sheets. You can also invest in ones that have beveled edges.

Use Wood

One other way to visually lighten the island is to match the flooring material with the peninsula material.

This is a great way to use the extra flooring materials when you renovated your kitchen. Now, you can do one face of the island. If you want to wrap the entire piece, then just look for a new box of planks at a more affordable price.


Give your kitchen island furniture-like detailing. Putting extra feet or legs right on the exterior can make the piece look different.

A foot or leg project should cost no more than $50. You need to add these before you paint them with the color that you want.

Or an Island Cart

If the chunky kitchen island is too much to maintain, then you can always opt for the island cart. This is a free-standing cart that can become a chef’s kitchen or a mother’s working table.

Islands are not stuck to the floor so if the flooring is still in great condition, then just uninstall the old island. There are charities that could be interested to re-purpose this piece of furniture.

A new cart is a wonderful addition to your new kitchen. The price varies according to style and size.

Lastly, make sure that your kitchen island is highlighted by proper task lighting. This is, after all, where you commonly prepare your meals so it has to be amply lighted.

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