Popular 6 Hacks For Decorating Your Small Apartment

Decorating Your Small Apartment

Decorating Your Small Apartment

City living usually means making a pretty small space work you for. Apartments in big cities now tend to be on the small side, which can be a challenge to decorate. We all want to stamp our personality onto our homes, but if there’s hardly room for you, how you can make room to decorate without making a tiny space feel even tinier? 

Although it seems like a daunting task, it can be done! These 6 hacks on decorating your small apartment will have your place looking incredible in no time!

1. You Need To Carefully Mark Out Separate Areas.

Many small apartments have an open concept layout, which can work well in a small space. However, it can sometimes make space feel smaller, as there’s nowhere for the eye to rest. A lack of definition of the different spaces can lead to things feeling messy. 

Try to define different areas and give them a clear purpose. Use a coat or a shoe rack to mark out the entranceway. Use the back of your sofa as a wall to separate the living room from the kitchen. Use open shelving to wall off your desk while also adding more storage. 

You can use decor other than furniture to do this too. Use plants to signify changes in the use of space. Use different art framing to make different spaces feel different. 

2. Use Dual Purpose Furniture.

A great design trend for small apartments is dual-purpose furniture. In a small home, every inch of room counts. Make the most of the space you have by investing in furniture that will serve more than one purpose. 

For example, you can add a spare bed by buying a sofa that folds out into a trundle bed. Buy a hollow ottoman to add storage space and an extra seat round the TV. Use a dining table with a built-in leaf, so you can fold it out when you have guests but keep it out of the way when it’s just you at home. 

3. Rethink Unused Spaces.

If you’ve been living in the same apartment for a while, it can be easy to get stuck in the same habits of how you use the space. This can mean you end up not using the space in the most efficient way. 

Take a look around your apartment and identify all the ‘dead space’. Have you got unused corners or blank walls? How could you make better use of those spaces? 

A deep windowsill can be turned into a workspace. Corner shelving can give you more storage space in an otherwise empty corner. Add baskets on top of the bookcase and use them to hide some clutter that doesn’t have a home. 

4. Go Vertical With Storage.

Think vertically as well as horizontally, especially if your apartment has high ceilings. Tall, narrow storage systems give you the most storage for the smallest amount of floor space. 

Add a bookcase either side of a doorway a built-in look. Buy an entertainment center that reaches from floor to ceiling to give you ample storage for consoles, DVDs, games, and books. 

If floor space is minimal, use vertical space for foldaway furniture like a Murphy bed. When you need the space during the day, fold it away to open up more space, then fold it down for use when you need it and won’t miss the floor space. 

5. Create An Organization System.

Storage is very important in any small living space. You need a way to hide away your clutter, while still keeping it easy to find and practical to use. Organizing your storage properly will make it much easier to find what you need. 

Hang a shoe hanger with pockets on the back of a door; these pockets can be used for anything you need to get out of the way whether that’s shoes, cleaning products or snacks. Line shelves with baskets to organize things into categories, while keeping things looking tidy. 

Remember to use these clever storage ideas once you’ve set them up. Get in the habit of always putting things away when you’re done with them and spend a few minutes each evening returning things to their proper home. 

6. Use A Light Color Palette.

Rich, dark colors can make space feel smaller, whereas lighter shades bring in more light and make the room feel more open. 

The best way to do this is to choose two light, bright shades to decorate the majority of the space. Add one darker accent color to keep things visually interesting without bringing the walls in closer. If you want more bold color, add it in with furniture or items like artwork. 

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