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6 Brilliant Ways To Teach Your Audience About Modern Rustic Christmas

Don’t you just love the worn-in, comfy look that rustic homes offer? Yet there is a spinoff of this term that’s now blowing the minds of many designers and homeowners. Everyone seems to be going gaga over the warmth of modern rustic.

The whole point of the modern rustic space is its openness. There are modern furniture pieces everywhere and with these are the well-preserved beauty of wood architectural elements. The color scheme is also pretty straightforward. Modern rustic homes even boast of large windows that open up the house to the beautiful outdoors.

If you want to achieve the informal elegance of modern rustic design, then here are the key elements that you need to bear in mind –

Raw Stone and Lots of Wood

Wood and stone are two of the most important elements of modern rustic homes. Those who love this style should learn to bring the beauty of nature indoors. If you happen to own an old home and its architectural details were expertly preserved, then you would know how important these two elements are.

There could be a stone wall there somewhere and lots of exposed wood beams, reclaimed wood, and stone fireplace. Modern rustic does not forget to emphasize the fifth dimension (with the first four being the walls) – the ceiling.

A-frames are quite common with the cathedral ceilings paving the way for more modern rustic design elements to be brought in.

Natural Fabrics Everywhere

Natural aspects of rustic modern homes are seen on linens, upholstery, and in area rugs. Even the simplest fabrics come without print. If you love simplicity and minimalism, then this is a style that you would sure veer towards. Think of jute, linen throws, sisal, as well as hides for a more natural appeal.

It is also common to see cowhides being displayed as rugs or as fabric that’s simply laid over a bulky leather or wooden seat.

The natural look does not stop with these elements because the color scheme is also consistent throughout every modern rustic habitat. Keep your color palette subdued. Even when you do love brightly-colored walls or furniture, it’s time to stick to the neutrals for now.

Lots of Views

Another part of every modern rustic home are those big windows. This is a modern feature that answers the requirements for both modern and rustic sensibilities. This is a decisive part of this style since modern homes are often flooded with light while rustics bring in much of the outdoors to the interiors of a home.

If you love waking up to a view then this is a style that’s definitely for you.

Modern Furniture

The whole point of modern rustic is to set up the warmth and charm of a traditional rustic home and to provide also the conveniences of modern dwelling. This only means that you have to keep your furniture pieces modern.

If you could shop for mid-century furniture then this is the perfect style that would suit your style. Use unadorned leather with wood and as you go to the kitchen, be able to see the modern lines amidst the sea of browns.

The Fireplace Focal Point

This style will fail to be cozy if it does not offer a lovely fireplace somewhere. Pick a rustic style either in wood or stone. No matter which material you end up choosing, the wood-burning focal point must be able to fit the natural style of the home.

Rustic Christmas

And now that it’s Christmas, you can also still enjoy the beauty of modern rustic by combining the natural elements found outdoors during this season. Bring in the hollies and pine-cones, hang that lovely wreath. Your modern rustic home is these elements’ perfect home for this season.

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