5 Ways Young Adults can Boost Their Retirement Savings

5 Ways Young Adults can Boost Their Retirement Savings

It is never too early to start saving for your retirement. Regardless of your age, now is the best time to make this a financial focus. Once you understand the power of compounding interest, you will understand why it is so important to begin saving for your retirement when you are young. Here are five ways that young adults can begin saving for retirement.

1.  Leverage the Power of a Company 401(K)

Most people start their investing journey through a company-sponsored 401(k). This allows you to contribute pre-tax income, saving you a significant amount of money. The money that you save will not feel as if it is taking as much out of your monthly take-home pay because of this pre-tax exemption.

Many companies also offer employee match programs. These programs mean that they contribute a certain amount of money to match what you put into the company 401(k). If your company offers any type of employee match, it is absolutely imperative that you max out this match. Failing to do so is simply leaving money on the table.

2.  Diversify Your Investments

Savvy investors understand the importance of diversifying their investments. This means that you need to spread your money out between a number of different avenues in order to maximize your returns. In addition to maxing out the contributions to your company 401(k) and its matching program, you can also look into putting additional money into an IRA.

Lean on the power of a professional in order to make the best investment decisions for your money. For example, a firm that uses a quality private equity platform will ensure that your money is being directed to build wealth. You will feel good about your investments if you know it is being funneled through a firm that leans on the best tools to maximize earnings.

3.  Automate Your Savings

Before you pay for anything else each month, you need to pay yourself first. Making your retirement contributions automatic will help you to avoid the temptation to spend it. You will not even think about the money if it never touches your bank account. There are a number of different ways that you can automate your retirement savings so that it becomes second nature to save this money.

In addition to standard retirement savings, you can set up automatic savings to put away money in an emergency fund. Having this money in a separate account will help to guard your finances against emergencies. This rainy day fund will give you peace of mind knowing that you can weather a variety of financial pitfalls.

4.  Put Away One-time Payments

Do you find yourself with extra money in your pocket? Rather than spending it on a vacation or a new wardrobe, resist the temptation to blow through this windfall. Instead, consider socking that money away into your retirement savings. Examples of these types of windfalls include tax refunds, salary bonuses, inheritance payments, or even birthday gifts.

It is also a good idea to direct at least half of any raises to your retirement savings. While you certainly deserve to enjoy some of the extra money in the present, it is also prudent to begin saving this money before you get used to the additional money each month. Getting in this habit is one of the best ways to grow your nest egg.

5.  Live Below Your Means

At the end of the day, the most important thing that you can do if building your nest egg is your goal is to live below your means. It is not enough to live within your means if you want to aggressively put away money. Instead, you need to live below what you bring in so that you have more funds to save.

While you are being intentional about living below your means, you can also take steps to lower monthly payments across a wide spectrum. For instance, can you negotiate a lower interest rate on a car loan? What are other ways that you can reduce your spending?

You will enjoy optimal financial peace of mind if you make the effort to start saving for retirement when you are a young adult. Following these five tips will ensure that you are on your way to building wealth as you age.

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