If you haven’t heard about electrostatic paint, then you’re one step behind. Electrostatic painting techniques are widely used in industrial painting projects. Not only do they speed up the paint process, they can also provide paint protection. The charged particles in electrostatic paint attract themselves to metal surfaces. The spray coating is even, and it is also clean and is environmentally friendly. If you’re an existing painter or someone considering this technique, here’s a few ways to use electrostatic paint.

Electrostatic paint is a time-saver

Armed with a spray gun, an experienced painter can save a large amount of time using electrostatic paint. This is especially important for industrial painting projects where the job needs to be done fast, where the quick application happens because of the charged particles in the paint. The paint can be applied by one painter using a single spray painting gun. The paint dries quickly and takes considerably less time than painting with a brush or paint roller.

Staircases and handrails

One of the most popular uses for electrostatic paint is staircases and handrails. Industrial painting projects often include these areas because they are high-traffic areas. Furthermore, because these areas are most commonly used, a fast job is favoured. Experienced painting professionals often recommend electrostatic painting techniques for paint protection, as the result is a long-lasting and clean finish.

Protection of outside equipment and furniture

As we’ve mentioned above, paint protection is important for keeping equipment in top condition. Industrial painting projects often use electrostatic paints to protect outdoor equipment and furniture. The quick-drying paint makes it useful for any season, winter or summer. Running an industrial workshop or factory extends far beyond caring for staff and making money. It’s also about protecting assets and ensuring equipment and facilities are cared for.

Reduced waste and overspray

One of the greatest benefits of electrostatic paint is the high transfer efficiency rate. With close to a 90 percent transfer efficiency, there is a major reduction in coating waste. This saves a business time, money and resources. In addition to this, the tools used in these kinds of industrial painting projects reduce overspray.

Factories and businesses

It’s essential for factories and businesses to use methods that save money. The best way to do this is by adopting strategies that extend the lifetime of equipment and buildings. Using electrostatic painting techniques, a business of any size can have equipment that looks and feels great for longer. Adding paint protection is extremely important for ensuring this longevity. It will save a business thousands of dollars, as well as save time and resources.

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