5 Ways to Tell if Your Pipes are Damaged

5 Ways to Tell if Your Pipes are Damaged

5 Ways to Tell if Your Pipes are Damaged

Generally, various factors can lead to pipe damage within your building, including the age of your plumbing system. Households with piping systems over 25 years old might experience pipe damage issues more often than those with newly installed systems with A+ Construction & Remodeling. Other causes of pipe damage include cracks, tree root intrusion, and misaligned connections, among others.

Additionally, pipe damage can result in severe plumbing issues if not addressed promptly. Be sure to contact your plumber to help you inspect your plumbing system to avoid sudden failure. The following article will help you learn how you can tell if your pipes are damaged.

1. Reduced Water Pressure

During installation, your plumber will ensure that your piping system is watertight to avoid any leaks, thus retaining adequate water pressure. However, if your pipes get holes, it means that water pressure through your faucets will reduce. Additionally, less water pressure means you can’t push everything in the sewer system, thus leading to the toilet and sink clogs.

If you notice reduced water pressure as you take a shower, wash your hands, or when filing your sink, be sure to contact a qualified plumber to help you identify and fix the issue.

2. Water Marks

Another common sign of damaged pipes is when you notice water marks within your home. Typically, water pipes run through concealed dry walls, and a damaged pipe behind one would cause dampness. For multi-story buildings with water pipes running upstairs, you can notice some watermarks on the ceiling if any pipes leak.

Locating a leaking pipe running through your wall might be a challenge. However, hiring a professional will help you easily locate the point of damage with your piping system.

Once we arrive at your place, we will use our expertise and modern tools to locate the cause of the marks on your wall. Additionally, we might need to remove a portion of your wall or ceiling to repair the damaged pipes easily.

3. Increased Water Bill

Are you wondering what could be the cause of your high water bills? Damaged water pipes mean that unused water is flowing out of your plumbing system. If you experience a sudden water bill increase without any changes in your water usage habits, seek professional help.

Additionally, if your water meter is constantly running even with closed outlets, it could also be a sign of a damaged water pipe. For best results to help you determine the cause of your high water bill, be sure to hire a reputable plumbing company.

4. Strange Sounds

Damaged pipes can sometimes lead to plumbing system issues that cause unusual sounds, including whistling and bubbling sounds. The whistling sound could be a result of dented pipes as water pass through the dented section. On the other hand, bubbling occurs when some air enters your plumbing system through a leak.

Additionally, leaking pipes might cause some dripping sounds as water runs through pipes within your walls. If you notice unusual sounds with your plumbing system, be sure to contact your plumber for an inspection. Once you hire them to help you with the damaged pipes, they will arrive at your place as soon as possible and with the necessary tools like a Husqvarna K4000 to get the job done.

5. Water Odor and Discoloration

Typically, water odors can be due to pipe leaks as a result of water contamination. Additionally, a foul smell might result from clogged sewer lines causing slow drains or blocking the main sewer line.

Another way to tell that you have a damaged pipe is when you notice water discoloration from your faucets. Water discoloration could be a sign of rust, which eventually leads to leaks.


While some pipe damages might be easy to spot, like the exposed sections, most plumbing issues require professional expertise. It is also important to note that you can avoid most pipe damage issues through regular maintenance. If you notice anything strange with your plumbing system, be sure to hire a reputable plumbing company to help you identify and fix the issue. Don’t wait until you experience severe plumbing problems; regular maintenance is crucial for maintaining a functional plumbing system. During the maintenance, we plumber will inspect for any issues with your plumbing system and perform the necessary repair while giving recommendations.

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