5 Ways to Decorate Your AirBnB to Get More Visitors

Decorate Your AirBnB

Decorate Your AirBnB

The vacation rental industry is extremely competitive these days, and folks have many wonderful options. You want your Airbnb to stand out high above the rest, and there are simple ways to accomplish this. Not only is a unique location or one with a scenic backdrop appealing, but what you show off in your property’s interior decor can make a huge difference in attracting more visitors and receiving those enviable, five-star ratings *****.

1. Focus On The Floors and Rugs

People immediately notice whether your rugs are dirty and old, and the same goes for your floors. Are your wood floors beat up and could use restaining? How about your bathroom tile floor? Is it antiquated and damaged?

For example, porcelain tile is something to consider since it is waterproof, cost-effective, and simple to clean.

Folks on vacation care about what’s under their feet and enjoy comfortable floors that are clean, look attractive, and are easy to walk on. You have so many cool options in beautiful area rugs with interesting designs, colors, and textures.

2. Provide Storage Spaces

Here’s another great tip from decor experts on making the ideal rental property for drawing in new visitors. Make sure that you have enough storage spaces for your guests.

When people are staying at your Airbnb, they expect that there will be room for the stuff they bring with them. Storage spaces are a big deal as are hanging spaces.

Have you arranged your place with plenty of hooks for hanging up jackets, sweaters, pocketbooks, etc? Do you have a shoe rack at the door?

These may seem like minor details, but it’s frustrating when your guests arrive and cannot find enough closet space, storage areas, and wall spaces for putting their stuff aside.

You want to create a stylish interior for your guests because people love staying at an Airbnb. The statistics are impressive. Did you know that folks stay an average of 2.4 times longer in Airbnbs than at hotel stays?

3. Decorate Your Walls

Your wall decor speaks volumes, and you want your Airbnb guests to feel comfy, welcome, and relaxed. What you have on your walls can add harmony, and a focal point and tie every design element together.

Neutral walls are classic and easy for decorating, but when you leave them blank, a place can look and feel so empty or without personality.

Visual aesthetics matters and that is exactly what large wall art can deliver to your home. You can shop by collection, mood, style, genre, and tone.

Whether it’s abstract, pop art, nature, minimalist, or urban, artwork offers so much to one’s interior space and allows your home to look finished and attractive to your guests who will be staying there.

4. Use Luxurious Hotel-Style Bedding

This is another method for winning those glowing Airbnb reviews. Make sure that bedding for guests is top-shelf. That means dressing up the bedrooms with the finest sheets, pillows, duvets, and blankets for a restful night’s sleep. Guests will remember if the mattress was lumpy and old, so make sure these standards are met.

For instance, choose white hotel-style sheets that are silky soft, comfy, and luxurious, and made of high-quality Supima cotton. These sheets would be breathable, elegant, and keep moisture away.

Airbnb is a sophisticated property, and you want the quality of your bedding to match that high-end appeal.

5. Reduce All Of The Clutter

Guests enjoy staying in clean, open spaces, so you want to declutter and create that welcome environment. It’s okay to have favorite pieces that add character to your Airbnb interior, but folks want to be able to navigate and move about. Free up room for your guests’ things, and streamline the kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms seem to collect the most clutter.

An overcrowded space looks and feels uncomfortable. Don’t keep your personal items in view, especially valuables. Keep them safely hidden away. It’s no secret that Airbnbs remain a very popular option with a unique approach to lodging. Booking more visitors and receiving those spectacular, five-star ratings don’t have to be difficult to attain. Follow these expert decorating tips above, and your guests will be blown away!

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